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How to recharge well

The level of our energy, vitality and zest is one of the most important elements of our wellbeing. 


It defines how deeply we are able to engage with others,  shapes how open we are to learning & improvement & putting the effort into things important to us, and it impacts our capacity to enjoy life. 


The quickest way to improve the quality of your life, your relationships and your results?


By recharging your batteries!


That is why in this blog post I am sharing with you 7 powerful tips to recharge & renew your energy.


Choose the ones you like best, and put them into practice.


But do also explore others with curiosity, as they might give you a new perspective on the ways to recharge. 

1 - Detect which type of rest do you actually need

Sometimes, we are simply physically tired – having young kids, too long workdays, or overdoing it with sports.


Other times, we feel physically wired, yet drained from the energy we spent on making big decisions or solving complex problems. 


In other words, we are mentally tired.


And sometimes it is about sensory, emotional or social overwhelm – in the modern world of constant noise and stimuli, it is easy to get our senses jammed. Ironically, that makes it even harder to hear our “inner wisdom” telling us what we actually need…. and so it makes recharge a challenge.

How about you – which aspect of your energy needs recharge? 


Which part of you is tired?


Explore this brilliant article and a short TED talk on the types of rest we need – and take a moment to detect what is your priority right now. 

2 - Set intention

Intention is a soft way of steering your focus, without setting a strict goal. 

It allows you to keeping flexible to adjust when you recognize a better action, while staying on track of what is important to you.


So, to make recharge a fun endeavor instead of making it an overwhelming task – start by less actions & goals, and more intentions.


Here are some examples:

  • You recognized you are mentally tired? Set intention to play more and take things more lightly.

  • You think your main tiredness is physical? An intention might be to go to sleep a bit earlier, or to have a regular nap.

  • Socially or emotionally tired? Your intention could be to create small oasis of silence in your day, or to listen to yourself and your needs a bit better. 


So…. What is your intention for the next couple of days? 


What would you like to keep in focus in order to improve your energy? 

3 - The Power of Full Engagement: Balance between Connect and Disconnect

The key to build up your capacity of energy in any of the 4 main aspects – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual – lies in establishing a cycle within each of the aspects. 


What kind of cycle, you ask? 


The cycle between full engagement (action mode), and full disconnect (rest). 


A bit like pomodoro technique in time management – but applying it broader, to the whole life, and making it a habit in which we function every day. 


It means to balance consistently between dedicating our full focus and energy to the activity we engage in – but also, after the activity, to allow ourselves to properly disconnect from it & to fully rest from it. 


A bit like when you choose to strengthen your muscle: 

first you need to challenge it (perhaps with a longer or faster run, or a bigger weight) to provoke growth, but then the growth actually happens in the moments of recovery and rest. 


To explore this idea deeper, grab an amazing book The Power of Full Engagement


But hey, don’t procrastinate by learning 😜


I know that trap – “I will put this in practice once I learn more and understand it better…


Start with action now – and keep on learning on the way. 


Once you determined which “aspect of your energy” from the first tip one this list most needs recharging, this is the chance to deepen it by asking: 

“Within that chosen aspect of energy that I would like to recharge, what is the best way to establish a better cycle of connect-disconnect?”

Managing your energy & recharging more efficiently starts from more awareness.

It means noticing when you are tired before you get totally depleted.


Paying attention to small & subtle hints from your body and mind before they become a big dramatic demand. 


There are many ways to build that awareness, such as:

  • simply ask yourself more regularly what do you need, 

  • reflect or journal, 

  • create regular moments of silence, or 

  • share how are you doing with someone close to you. 

One of the great tools is to build a habit of doing self-check in daily – it is a simple 5-7 minute exercise to explore your energy, emotions and body sensations and to recognize your needs in that moment.


Put simply, it is a way to pay more attention (and deeper attention) to yourself. 


Not familiar with it yet?


You can find the instructions for self-check-in in this 10 minutes long guided video. 


Do try it out already today!

5 - Take a moment to reflect

Grab a journal and a bit of silent time – anything from 5 minutes up to half an hour will be great – and ask:

  • What do I need? Physically, mentally, emotionally? 

  • What would be the best way to recharge this week/this month/today? 

  • What gives me energy (these days) and what depletes it? Which activities, which thoughts, which environments, which people? How can I have more of the first one, and less of the second one?

  • What do I desire? Which ideas excite me and give me a boost of energy? 

  • What (or who) do I need to say no to? Which boundaries should I strengthen?

  • What do I want to start doing, stop doing or continue doing, to manage my energy better? 

6 - Give yourself a permission

Are you one of those who feel you shouldn’t rest until ALL the work is done (and work never stops)?


Prone to overstretching?


Have a need to overachieve, or to make everyone happy? 


Running your own business, or perhaps more dedicated to your family than to your own wellbeing?


Well, my dear, then the first step in your recharge is – to give yourself permission!


Permission to rest and recharge, permission to take care of your own needs, permission to set boundaries and to say no.


Permission to love yourself, and permission to do what is good for you (even in moments when it won’t make everyone else happy).


It comes with understanding that we can give much more when we have our batteries full – but also that that is the first step in making life more enjoyable, fulfilling and meaningful. 


Ready to commit to yourself?


Let me hear you – “Today, I will love myself and I will take care of my needs fully. I am worthy of it, and I am my own priority (ok, one of my own priorities :)).

7 - Use the summer to set a strong foundation for the rest of the year

Use the high energy of the summer to build a firm foundation for all that is coming up.


Learn the tools, build the motivation, practice & discover what works best for you.


And, most of all, remind yourself just how good it feels to have a day full of energy, vitality, and zest – savor it and commit to making most of your days and most of your life feel like this. 


If you need help with this one – you still might be on time to join us for some of our Learning Getaways, our immersive learning events at Happiness Academy. 

What is a "Learning Getaway" - and how can I join?

It is an event designed to give you a strong foundation for life of flow, engagement, and adventure:


🌊 you get to experience (or remind yourself) how a week of flow, growth, learning, and living life to the fullest looks like and feels like


🌊 you get to learn tools and tips – science-based and practical – to leverage some of the different pillars of Happiness


🌊 you get to experiment with a broad range of creative activities – mental, physical, and social – and reflect through deep questions on a specific topic


🌊 you get to meet incredible people, learn from them, get inspired, and exchange meaningful moments and insightful conversations


🌊 you get to dream big and think of what it means for you to live life to the fullest – and leave with motivation and ideas to put it into practice


You can find the details about the different Getaways here

What’s next?

I hope these tips gave you many ideas on how to bring your energy on the next level – and how to keep it there, sustainably, through the year and through life. 


As you know – learning is not enough, action is what makes all the difference!

Action time:

Which one will you be doing?

Do pick one from this list that would work best for you – and commit to putting it in practice already this week!



The level of our energy, vitality, and zest is one of the most important keys to our wellbeing.

It defines how deeply we are able to engage with others,  shapes how open we are to learning & improvement & putting the effort into things important to us, and it impacts our capacity to enjoy life.

Don’t leave it down to coincidence. 

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