Virtual courses at Happiness Academy

At Happiness Academy, we believe in flexibility, customization, individual experiences, but also powerful learning experiences that are truly a training for new mindset and habits – not just a new knowledge thrown your way, but real Learning.

Virtual courses proved to be one of the most impactful ways of creating experiences that not only are engaging yet flexible. They are a great way to stretch learning through a longer period of time, while embedding it into your real-everyday-life.
In that way, you get to experiment with tools and concepts in your real environment throughout the week, just to get back to your small group of supporters and cheerleaders who share a similar journey to get feedback, new ideas and fine-tune your next steps for maximum impact and biggest positive change.

Happiness Academy virtual courses are designed as a series of engaging and interactive calls, full of experimentation, sharing of knowledge and ideas, supportive and positive, sprinkled with powerful evidence-based knowledge and practical tools, reflection and mind-boggling discussions.

Check the list of Happiness Academy virtual courses below and invest in yourself!

At this 12 weeks virtual journey we work in a small, warm, intimate and positive group. Next to weekly calls rich in insights, tools, knowledge and sharing, this course also includes and a ton of experimentation between the calls, giving you a chance to truly implement the new tools in your everyday life.

It is a platform to create real change in your level of happiness and satisfaction in your own life, in an engaging, interactive, fun and experiential way, with deep learning and richness of new insights.


in January


This 9 module online course will help you to look for more in life than just go through the motions.

It will support you in finding your way to thrive in every aspect of life. You will learn how to use a range of science-based tools and techniques for mindset and resilience that will enable you to find more meaning, joy, and strength in the way you experience life.


in September


A powerful mindset is not necessarily about thinking more positive.

Instead, it is about having more choices in how we decide to act and opening up more possibilities for ourselves. By working on your thoughts you will gain new perspectives. You will be empowered to build more clarity and motivation in your everyday life, and you will feel happier. 

Join us on this 10 modules course and reengineer your mindset towards wellbeing and success!


in September


If you wish to feel happier and more satisfied in life, flow is a great state to aim for, because it combines experience of positive emotion in the moment and sense of meaning in activities that we are doing.

This 6 module course will give you a broad range of new ideas about training Flow, get the tools to apply it in your life, explore and see what works best for your unique style, and encouragement to make flow your own.


in March


Are you a trainer or a coach? This one is for you!

Regardless if you are fresh in training or have a ton of experience, this is the place for you to enrich your toolbox – especially if you wish the tools you use to be evidence based and with an overall positive impact on your participants’ or clients’ life.

This is 9 modules series of workshops built specifically for trainers and coaches to provide them with diverse, fresh, practical, impactful and engaging tools based on the science of positive psychology and neuroscience.


Date & Time 



On-demand virtual courses & workshops

Looking for a way to gently dip your toes into the waters before jumping into a full course? Our Take a Leap to Happiness 2h on-demand workshop might be the right option for you.

Take a Leap to Happiness on-demand workshop

A workshop that will guide you to explore the foundations of happiness & wellbeing – and give you ideas on how to cultivate it in your every day.

In the near future we will be adding several on-demand virtual courses to our offer – without live calls, these courses will be available at your own timing, while leveraging the same principles and science-based content as our live virtual courses.

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