Make 2023 a Remarkable Year!

Are you looking for more accountability, consistency, and motivation in achieving your goals?

Would you like to keep a more continuous focus on your self-development and well-being?

Would you boost your life satisfaction by connecting each month with a group of like-minded, inspiring individuals who can support you on this journey and give you new perspectives and ideas?


Join us at My Remarkable Year –  a year-long program designed to help you strengthen your well-being habits, achieve your goals and keep consistent with your self-development in 2023.

Signups are open until the 1st of December!



Explore your well-being through the 12 pillars of happiness science-based framework.




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Courses starting soon – starting in March 2023, applications open in January:

Deep Dive into Flow: Live a more engaging life

Starts on the 7th of March 2023 – signups open until the 15th of February




Build a Powerful Mindset: Reengineer Your Thinking for More Wellbeing and Success

Starts on the 7th of March 2023 – signups open until the 15th of February



International Week of Happiness at Work is happening in the third week of September every year.

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Here are this year’s topics coming up soon – they will run around wellbeing, strategies to prevent burnout, building more flow at work, and positive relationships at work. 



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The Happiness Academy’s vision and mission

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Happiness Academy Vision

Happiness Academy’s vision is to inspire and empower all people in having a fulfilled, happy and joyful life and building meaningful, loving relationships with the self and others, while actively contributing to the world.

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Happiness Academy Mission

At Happiness Academy, we educate, empower and inspire individuals to build more fulfilling and happy lives and moments.
We do so through activities in three areas:
• Designing and delivering workshops, webinars, and events on positive psychology topics such as happiness, resilience, positive emotions, self-compassion, positive relationships, mindfulness, happiness at work
• Creating great educational materials such as videos and visuals focused on positive psychology
• Building and nurturing a community of individuals passionate about Positive Psychology and engaging in meaningful conversation on how to lead a happier, flourishing life.

Looking to enrich the wellbeing, skills, and performance of your team?

Next to our open events listed on top of this page (“Upcoming events”), we are available to design and deliver customized learning experiences for your organization.

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