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Positive Psychology Internship at Happiness Academy
You are searching for work experience in the field of positive psychology training and coaching?

At Happiness Academy, we offer the possibility of joining us in the role of trainee and gathering practical experience, working on various projects and tasks, and getting to know valuable materials related to positive psychology. 

You will have the chance to benefit from a broad range of positive psychology tools, as well as attending courses, all while discovering your own way of working. 

As this option is quite individual and flexible, depending on your individual goals, we will design the frame of our collaboration together. 

You can be involved in two major projects founded by Mirna Smidt: Happiness Academy and Trainers Toolbox. 

Through Trainers Toolbox you will get insights on how to become a trainer, through education, skills developing, and networking. 

Your responsibilities will be broad – you will get to know programs to design, edit and deliver learning content and materials as well as help in planning/organising workshops, in the process and in the follow-up.


You will have responsibility for customer focused Happiness Academy resources, such as newsletters, blog posts and social media content. 

You will be an active part of Happiness Academy development at the time period in which you join and will have a chance to shape it actively with your ideas and opinions.

We will put emphasis on your feedback and involve it in our work. 

The internship offers you to  join paid programs for free and benefit from individual mentoring. The minimum duration is 2 months, and maximum duration of 6 months, where hours per week can vary.  You can take part in the internship either virtually or in person in Zagreb.

Do get in touch to discuss the options, we will be happy to have you on board! 

What does our previous trainee say?

“The collaboration with Mirna was extremely valuable for me. In the 4 months in Zagreb, I learned a lot about how to start a business in the field of workshops and coaching. I got to know the wide range of aspects that are included in running projects like Happiness Academy and Trainers Toolbox. 

Mirna was welcoming, full of positive energy and always curious about my ideas. We shaped our time together in alignment of our interests into a diverse and insightful period which truly enriched and advanced me on my career path. 

I was able to develop my personal working style as well as my delivering and presentation skills and expanded my knowledge of positive psychology.

Thank you, Mirna, for this amazing experience!”

Chiara Zeroni, Psychology Student at University of Applied Sciences Heidelberg, Germany 


Working with Mirna was an important experience that contributed to my professional growth. Throughout the internship, I engaged in a variety of tasks, learning new perspectives and approaches to problem-solving.

Mirna consistently provided constructive & positive feedback, which not only enhanced my skills but also supported my continuous improvement.

Before joining the internship, I was aiming to a create clear roadmap for my career with insights from her. Mirna guided me with her expertise which is a valuable take away for me.

Burcu Sayin, Engineer and Soft Skills Trainer, Turkey


“First and foremost, I loved my internship! Mirna really helped me align the tasks with what I am passionate about and what I wanted to learn, making this internship experience absolutely fulfilling and meaningful for me.

Second, having Mirna as a supervisor was honestly really great! She was always engaged, organized, supportive and so positive! I have learned so much from her and I really admired how she was always curious to hear my thoughts, and encouraged me to express my opinion. I always had a feeling she saw me as a peer and not an intern.

But the thing I liked the most about this internship was the fact that it gave me the space to be my authentic self, a chance to understand myself better and express that without holding back.

And that’s why I’d recommend this opportunity to anyone who is interested in positive psychology and seeing it in practice; but especially if you yourself are positive, engaged, and open to discovering more about psychology and yourself 🙂

Adrijana Šarić, Croatia, Psychology Student at Tilburg University in Netherlands


“My internship with Mirna was more than I could wish for! Except from taking the time to figure out what it is that I would like to learn and do during my time with her, she actively helped me throughout every step of the way.

I learned a lot of stuff (from practical and technical skills to scientific tools and theories) and discovered more about myself as a professional and an individual alike.
Mirna makes sure to listen to your needs and worries, while making the learning process fun and engaging.

Additionally, Mirna is simply a wonderful person; her cheerful attitude, open mind and relaxed approach really creates an environment where you feel free to express yourself and can authentically flourish.
I wouldn’t give it a second thought: an internship with Mirna is worth it no matter who you are and what your professional background is.

It was an internship like no other, that truly felt like a beautiful journey into self-discovery, personal and professional development!”

Xan Georgiou, Greece, Psychology Student at Tilburg University in Netherlands

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