Individual mentorship and consulting

Individual mentorship, consulting and coaching

Are you looking for an individual advice on how to work with your wellbeing, resilience or flow?  

Or for support or a second pair of eyes on your work within area of positive psychology? 

Need help with design of your positive psychology workshop, retreat, or a conference? Or with advancing your facilitation, communication and presentation skills?

Being it that you are here for your own learning and selfdevelopment, or for support with your work project, you are at the right place – I would be happy to support you in a format of 1:1 coaching/mentoring/consulting. 

I am Mirna – a trainer with 15 years of experience and a founder of Trainers Toolbox & Happiness Academy, excited about making workshops more engaging and impactful through goal-oriented and science-based approach. I love bringing positive psychology to the world, connecting science with practical application in the “real” world and in the business world.

I will be happy to support you with your project and self-development within my field of expertise: positive psychology and training design & delivery

Reach out and book 1:1 session.

Available session formats

1:1 sessions are fully tailored according to your needs and preferences. 

You can choose between 1h call or 2h call, each including 1-2 emails with follow up questions and materials.

To book 1:1 session, get in touch and share with me what would you like me to support you with, as well as timeline within which you would like to book a call.

I am looking forward to hearing from you – and share exciting ideas, knowledge and feedback.

Discover more about me here or on my Linkedin profile (and in each case, do connect :)).

What other say

P.S. If you are an individual looking to improve your wellbeing and not sure where to start – I would suggest to start with Take a Leap to Happiness on demand workshop.

This would be ideal first step, before reaching out to work in 1:1 format, as it is more affordable and it will give shaper and clearer focus to our conversations.

Workshop consists of a series of pre-recorded videos you can watch at any time that works best for you. It is very affordable and simple, and it will give you great insights into what and how to work on your wellbeing.

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