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What are Learning Getaways at Happiness Academy?

Is it a learning event? Is it a retreat? Is it a travel & adventure, or a chance for self-development?

Is it about (re)connecting with yourself, or about meeting new inspiring people?

A moment to get away from everything – or moment to come back to yourself and the life you truly wanna live? 

It is all of these – and more!


You love our workshops, virtual courses and webinars, but you believe no learning can be as powerful as full immersion? On our events and getaways we design extraordinary experiences in beautiful locations, rich in learning of diverse positive psychology topics – from happiness to flow, resilience and many more – but also in meaningful conversations, great company and motivation to live our best lives with new powerful habits and tools.


Happiness Academy Learning Getaways are between 3 and 10 days long events, designed for learning about diverse topics related to wellbeing and meaningful, exciting life.

They are built as learning through experience, discussions and reflection, in a motivating and enjoyable way.

At the same time, they are designed to recharge your energy and reset your perspective on life.

Learning Getaways are:

While we start with theoretical framework, the focus is on practical tools and strategies that will help you learn deeper and implement new habits and insights. You will actively work on your habits both in your thinking and behaviour – all focused on enabling you to create (even) more happy, resilient and successful life.

At Happiness Academy, we work in an interactive and engaging way, with positive and relaxed atmosphere, while keeping focus on learning goals and deep learning that we create.

On Getaways, we also allow a lot of time and opportunities to relax, connect with other amazing participants, enjoy beautiful setting and nature, recharge and have plenty of time to reflect.

The upcoming Getaways in 2023 – will you join us?

“Enjoy Life Fully”

Mindfulness & savouring getaway in Istria 


Join us at the Istria Getaway in late September 2023 to explore how to enjoy life more fully!

Our previous Getaways

“Build a Life of Flow” 

A weeklong learning & adventure at a lighthouse on the beautiful & remote Croatian island of Lastovo – September 2022

What do our participants say?

Here are a couple of words from our participants on Lastovo lighthouse getaway Build a Life of Flow. 

Edita Jurak, Biotechnology Assistant Professor, Croatia/Netherlands

The Flow gateway for a fantastic experience that I would recommend to everyone! It did revolve around the topic of flow but it did touch on super important life tools like energy management, focus and challenges!

Mirna is an awesome trainer and having engaging discussions with like-minded people was truly a stimulating and eye-opening experience! Location was unparalleled and gorgeous and it really added to the topic!



Francesco Portoso, Digital Operations Manager at Amazon Digital Music, Italy/Luxembourg

Perfect mix between new knowledge & forward-looking practice , self-reflection, awe-inspiring landscapes, supporting trainer & participants and flow-inducing activities, highly recommended!



Ana-Maria Radu, Learning & People Development at Unicredit, Romania

“It was a such great experience!

An enchanting location 🌊, with wonderful people 😎, learning, and experiences intended to bring more flow! What more could I want? 😃

Thank you, Mirna Smidt for having this amazing idea to organize such a program!”

Looking to learn more tools for your wellbeing, while recharging your batteries and meeting amazing people?

Join us for our next Getaway! Contacts us to share your questions or to apply.

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