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At Happiness Academy, we deliver regular workshop in Amsterdam and Zagreb, and guest-workshops in many other cities – Krakow, London, Porto, Florence, Cape Town… but many more can happen so stay tuned for updates 🙂

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Would you like to see Happiness Academy workshop in your town? Let us know and let’s see what we can make happen!
Happiness Academy live workshops are engaging and enjoyable, while always focused on learning and impact that we create.

For all other workshops and workshop topics that we provide, keep on reading.

Happiness Academy - 12 steps to happiness

What are the topics of workshops we provide?

The list of topics we work with is very broad. What they all have in common is that they are related to positive psychology and to our 12 pillars of happiness.

Here are some of our most popular workshop topics:
Intro to positive psychology – the science of happiness
The art of mindfulness in everyday life
Positive emotions: Understand them, explore them, grow them
Positive psychology at workplace

• Mindset: master your thoughts for more happiness

Strengths: discover and develop the best version of you
Happiness boosters: a box of tools to boost your own joy and happiness
Hacking Flow state: Living a more engaging life
Life Design: Create a life you love
Developing own career
Positive psychology toolbox for trainers and coaches

workshopsHow Happiness Academy workshops look like?

At workshops we combine diverse evidence-based learning methodologies – enriching participants with positive psychology knowledge and tools, we also take them on experiential journeys through diverse exercises and experiences, followed by reflection, discussions and sharing, for optimal learning but also optimal experience.

Happiness Academy workshops are delivered in a small group, to create optimal learning experience and ability to make it an individualized journey.
Most often we work in groups of 8, 12 or 16 participants, sometimes 20, and in exceptional cases in groups of up to 30 participants.
This allows us to create very individual, customized experience, optimal for each participant.

Like our topics, but looking for a different format? Or perhaps you are not in any of our locations?

• Looking for a workshop but you are not in any of our locations?
– Check out our amazing Virtual courses and webinars

• Looking for a conversation, discussion and sharing?
– Join our Positive Psychology Meetups in Zagreb and Amsterdam for live discussions and sharing
– or join our Positive Psychology Tribe, a group for meaningful virtual conversations

• Looking for an educational and motivating speech?
– Check out our Speeches and keynotes

• Looking for a full immersion experience?
– Explore our Events and retreats

For more about how we work at Happiness Academy, check out our vision and mission.
If you are curios about who we are, check Happiness Academy team page.

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