12 Pillars of Happiness


At Happiness Academy, we believe that happiness is a personal journey.

One that needs to be explored, discovered, learned from experience, and through the courage of experimentation.

We believe that, when it comes down to building happiness,  all of us have many things in common: our brains work in a similar way and follow similar principles, and we all share the same world that has some of its own specific challenges. 

And happiness itself – the same as meaning, fulfillment, wellbeing, or flourishing – has some “common” principles that are true for everyone.

That means that, even though our journey is individual and unique, all of us might benefit from exploring a similar set of topics and learning how to tackle the common challenges.

In other words – our happiness is grounded in similar “pillars”.  A great approach to developing and building more happiness and fulfillment in life is to pay attention to the pillars that are the foundation of our wellbeing, exploring each of them, and finding which one has the biggest impact on us!

One of the challenges that search imposes is that all the tools and ideas we find within positive psychology – the science of happiness – make a very long list, and can be a little overwhelming. 

To make your (and our own) journey and exploration easier and more effective, at Happiness Academy we designed a framework of “12 pillars of happiness” – a structured, organized, and easily manageable way to explore your own “pillars of happiness”




Curious to explore more about each of the pillars?

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At Happiness Academy, we use 12 pillars as a skeleton for our courses, coaching, workshops, and conversations.

With all this said… we would like to present you with 12 pillars of happiness:

1. Presence & Mindfulness
2. Positive Emotions
3. Engagement & Flow
4. Being Own Best Friend
5. Creator’s Mindset
6. Achievement & Active Creation
7. Conscious Self-development
8. The Power of Gratitude
9. Leveraging Own Strengths
10. Building Resilience
11. Meaning & Purpose
12. Positive Relationships


At Happiness Academy, we built “12 pillars of happiness” as a framework for the exploration of building a more fulfilling life, as a structure to train and coach on topics related to happiness and wellbeing, and to support individuals in their own journey.

It has proven to be very effective – it is a broad framework that allows a lot of exploration and ideas to be shared, yet gives you a clear structure to experiment with “pillars” and aspects of your own happiness.

Take a moment to reflect: Which of these is most challenging for you? Which one would you like to explore more or strengthen?

Look into those pillars as an interesting new potential to explore – or explore all of them, one at the time. 

Enjoy the exploration, and remember – it is a personal journey! 

Look for ideas in our pillars, but then choose whatever works best for you. 


Learn more about each of the 12 pillars in free ebook “12 Pillars of Happiness“!

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