Keynotes and speeches

Looking for an inspiration and new ideas and tools from the area of happiness, resilience and positive psychology that can be shared with a big group of attendees? Looking to enrich you event, conference or team with a powerful ideas and motivation to be their best selves and live their best lives? Look no further.

Keynotes and speeches are custom designed for your event, taking your audience and desired outcomes in mind.

Mirna is an engaging, energetic, positive and motivating speaker, an expert in positive psychology with deep knowledge of the topic but also capable of transforming it into simple, straightforward and catchy messages.

Example of the events where Mirna delivered keynotes and speeches:

• Global Women IBM panel 2017, Zagreb
– panel for IBM employees, partners and suppliers
• Cisco Connect 2018, Rovinj
– Cisco conference for 500+ partners and customers
• Pozitivna psihologija – znanost o sreći, 2018, Zagreb
– conference for 200+ attendees to promote positive psychology in Croatia
• Hive Europe 2018, Berlin
– conference for global leaders with 80+ participants
• Positive psychology – science of happiness, 2018, Amsterdam
– event for 120 attendees to promote positive psychology in Netherlands
• Elle Fashion Dinner 2018, Belgrade
– gala dinner for 80+ “most influential ladies in Serbia”
• Women in Data Science conference 2019, Zurich
– professional conference for 200+ data scientists from around Europe
• Hive Eastern Europe 2019, Bucharest
– conference for global leaders with 80+ participants
• World Global Health Day Festival by ThriveLDN, London
– wellbeing festival in London City Hall for 100+ attendees
• ENTEG (ENgineering and TEchnology institute Groningen) Day, University of Groningen
– talk on resilience for 300+ researchers and PhD students

Our most popular keynote topics:

• Engineering your happiness
• Applying mindset of an engineer to design short and impactful interventions that will grow your level of happiness.

• Happiness – your business advantage
• How happy customers and engaged employees make all the difference to your business.

• Authenticity- the key to being the best you
• How to bring your best self to work and create more success but also more joy in what we do.

• Positive ripple effect: making change exciting, impactful and easy
• Use simple and easy tools to create powerful snowball effect and bring everyone on board with changes

• Bringing out the best in teams
• Learn the simple tools and tips based brain science that will enable leaders to sense of safety, high performance and productivity in their team – and awaken their superpowers

• Make Monday exciting again
• Scientific findings about what makes our workdays happy, underlined with short, practical exercises that will give you immediate spin.

• Boost your resilience and thrive in the face of challenges
• Master evidence-based tools and techniques of flourishing in the face of challenges

• Stories of happiness – and what they all have in common
• Three stories about three happy individuals from diverse yet very happy countries – and what we can learn about happiness from those stories.

• Own your life, create your happiness
• Take the reins of your own happiness, be a proactive player in your life and feel great.

Any of our workshops can also be transformed into a keynote.

Read more about Mirna on her website or profile.

Keynotes can be delivered in English or Croatian. For more information or to discuss an option of keynote at your event, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Like our topics, but looking for a different format? Or perhaps you are not in any of our locations?

• Prefer an interactive, engaging and experiential workshop in a small group?Mirna Smidt on Cisco connect
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