Wellbeing at work

Wellbeing at Work

The Future Of Business Is Employee Wellbeing

Are you looking to:

If you would like to support your employees with workshops built in an engaging, science-based and highly practical way, or with an initiative custom-built for your team or organization, you are at the right place!

Ready to bring the wellbeing of your team to a whole new level?

Book a webinar to give your team quick practical tools, organise a workshop to hone their skills, or get in touch to plan a custom program to boost the wellbeing of your team. 

How Does Wellbeing At Work Help Your Business?

Benefits for Employees

Using their potential to the fullest
Employees flourish, have a chance to use their personal strengths & achieve their goals.

Feeling positive & engaged
Employees regularly experience the state of flow (state of full engagement, being “in the zone”), feel positive emotions, and enjoy connecting with others.

Having a sense of meaning & purpose at work
Employees see the importance in what they do, and connect their everyday actions with meaningful goals.

Maintaining their vitality & energy
They remain healthy (mentally & physically), maintain a good level of energy & recharge regularly.

Coping well with challenges at work
From big challenging goals as well as everyday stressors, employees face them with good coping mechanisms & flourish.

Benefits for Business

Better collaboration within the company
Employees who are motivated and feel well collaborate better with their colleagues.

High quality employees
According to research, satisfied employees are more productive, flexible, resilient, healthier, creative, motivated, engaged, and cooperative.

Happier customers
Satisfied employees make customers happier and more satisfied.

Positive impact on business
Happy employees are motivated & productive, having a significant advantage and positive impact on business.

Team stability
Satisfied employees stay with the company longer, are more loyal and have higher attendance, less sick days and are less prone to burnout.

When wellbeing is the focus of the organization, individuals are more creative, motivated, and perform better.

What Does The Research Say? ​

Here are some of the main findings from diverse scientific research about wellbeing at work:

Let’s put wellbeing at work in the center of your business!

If you are…

HR director or HR expert focusing on the education and wellbeing of a team or an organization

organization leader or team leader who wishes to bring the wellbeing of your team to a new level

an individual actively working on the wellbeing of your team or organization


… get in touch and let’s discuss how we can support your organization and your wellbeing initiatives!

What Do Our Clients Say?

How To Get Started?

Choose from the 3 main formats to support your team’s wellbeing at work:

Happiness Academy webinars are between 1h and 1.5h long, engaging, interactive, rich in science-based, practical & diverse tools. Webinars can be delivered for different audience sizes, and while we offer a range of predesigned topics, we are also always happy to design a custom webinar for you (as long as it’s within the area of our expertise).

Looking for webinar? Download the list of topics and let us know which topic you would like to book via signup form or via email provided in the brochure with the list of topics. 

Choose webinars if you are looking to provide quick ideas and tools to your team that they can use straight away, without diving deep. Webinars are the lightest format of education that we offer both in terms of time and investment, and can be done for bigger groups, serving as a great introduction into the topic

At workshops, we go deeper than in webinars as we focus on truly training the skills & tools in an experience-based, active way.
Your team gets to truly practice the tools, explore how to best adjust them to their personal style & circumstances, and learn to leverage the tools for maximum positive impact in their life & wellbeing.

Workshops are designed for smaller groups, in a longer format than the webinar (2-4h, or a series of several modules of that duration). We offer a range of workshop topics – download the list of topics and get in touch to discuss the one that most resonates with you & your team. 

Choose workshops if you are looking to provide a skill training for your team: workshops are an opportunity to truly practice new skills and tools of wellbeing and resilience, and to explore how to apply the within own work.

Are you looking to build a comprehensive, custom-made wellbeing program or intervention for your team, 
designed according to the needs, priorities, and preferences of your team and organization, and aligned with your business goals and strategy? 

Or adjust and strengthen your current wellbeing initiatives with science-based tools and interventions?

Get in touch to book a Discovery call, on which we can discuss your wellbeing strategy and offer you a custom built proposal for your team. 

We would love to meet you and support you with your wellbeing initiatives.

You can also connect via Linkedin with Mirna, the Happiness Academy founder and head trainer. 


After finding the optimal format for you, check the list of topics and let us know which one you would like to book. 

Webinars are quick and easy to book – simply email us mentioning your desired topic and the timeline when you would like to have it delivered (or send your preferences via the signup form). 

For workshops and custom designed programs we recommend to book a discovery call so we can adjust them to your context and goals. 

Why Would You Book Wellbeing at Work Workshops or Initiatives with Happiness Academy?

Goal-oriented training

Building learning experiences & interventions that are goal-oriented, as well as aligned with the goals & specific needs of your organization.

Highly practical tools

Focus on highly practical, simple yet impactful tools that learner can put into practice immediately.

Science-based content

Content we provide is based on the science of positive psychology & neuroscience. 

Our approach is always adapted to your needs, priorities, and team culture.

If you would take the customised approach to the next level and build a deeper, comprehensive educational program for your organizations and employees, sign up for 30 minutes Discovery call where we will explore more about your goals, challenges, and culture of your team, so we could design a custom made proposal for you.

Most Popular Topics at Happiness Academy

Here are some of the most popular topics among our clients – being it for a webinar, workshop or custom designed program.
For a full range of topics, download the list of webinar and workshop topics.

  • Wellbeing at work: The 6 foundations of wellbeing and how to strengthen them
  • The art of resilience: Thrive in the face of challenges with science-based tools & strategies
  • Hacking flow: Where joy meets high performance and deep engagement
  • Meaningful life and work: How to build a sense of meaning in all that you do?
  • Personal strengths: Discover and develop your and your team’s superpowers
  • Positive emotions in work and life: Understand them, explore them, grow them 
  • Positive relationships at work: How to better communicate and connect with your team?
  • Prevent burnout: How to maintain optimal energy in your work & life, and avoid the danger of burnout

Meet Mirna Smidt - trainer and founder of Happiness Academy

Mirna Smidt is an interpersonal skills trainer, speaker and a coach, specializing in positive psychology training and train-the-trainers topics, and a founder of Happiness Academy and Trainer’s Toolbox.

One of the first people in Europe to obtain a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, Mirna is combining her academic knowledge with 10+ years of corporate experience in advanced technologies in Cisco and a practical, solution oriented-approach of an engineer. 

Mirna has been a certified trainer since 2008, actively working on training projects in diverse industries ever since, with special focus on IT and tech industry. She is also an NLP Master practitioner holding a range of coaching and training related certifications.

Mirna aims to build training programs that are impactful, goal-oriented, science-based and highly practical – and trains other trainers in doing the same.

Absolutely in love with her work and positive psychology, Mirna brings a depth of knowledge, energy and enthusiasm in all of her workshops. 

She lives in Croatia but works internationally with organizations and individuals in numerous European countries. Curious about Mirna’s previous clients and references? Check the list of clients at the bottom of this page, or What our clients say.

Apart from training, Mirna is in love with experiences and adventures – she is an avid traveler, a bookworm, and in love with the sea (sailing, diving, kayaking), nature, horses, and outdoor sports.

Connect on LinkedIn – let’s keep an eye on each other’s work!

Ready to bring the wellbeing of your team to a whole new level?

Get in touch to:

FREE E-BOOK: Benefits of Wellbeing at Work: What the Science Says

Curious to discover what research says about benefits of building more wellbeing at workplace?

In this free book created at Happiness Academy, you will discover a range of positive things that happen for an organization when wellbeing is boosted – and references to research that tell us so.

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