About Happiness Academy

What is Happiness Academy?

Happiness Academy inspires, educates and empowers individuals to live more fulfilled lives, with more engagement, meaning, enjoyment and positive emotions. We do so through virtual and real-life workshops, e-learnings and engaging educational materials based on positive psychology and evidence based training.
Happiness Academy aims to be light, practical and inspiring, yet rich and diverse in knowledge about happiness it provides.
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Why Happiness Academy?

At Happiness Academy, we follow the following three principles in all that we do:

1. Happiness matters

Happiness is one of the most elusive and most beautiful things in life. Our days are too valuable to not feel that we are thriving and living life to the fullest. Yet, achieving happiness sometimes can be challenging.

2. It is an individual journey – We are all different

The way we work is focused on understanding the causes of your personal happiness and even more on learning and practicing the skills and approaches that promote happiness in your life.
At Happiness Academy, you’ll learn how to become a happier person
• through very personal and individualistic approach of your own needs, preferences and passions
• based on the science of positive psychology
• by focusing on building habits, reflection on personal causes of our happiness and new ideas/insights
• using proven and tested methods
• leveraging the power of supportive and motivating community

3. There is a science that figured it all out… so let’s apply it 🙂

There is a lot that science figured out about happiness, giving us some great cues and ideas on how to pursue and develop a happier life.
Still, building own happiness remains an individual journey, exploration, building own habits and learning about what makes us happy.
The Happiness Academy offers a framework for that exploration, a solid structure that is well designed and easy to dive into.
The focus is not only on understanding the causes of happiness but even more on learning and practicing the skills and approaches that promote happiness.

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