Pillar 2 

Positive Emotions


Positive emotions are what give our life color, sparkle, and creates little moments of joy. They also have a huge role in our happiness – part of the definition of happiness is to be experiencing more positive emotions than negative ones.

Positive emotions contribute to our happiness in the moment – but they have quite an impact because they also influence our mindset (thoughts and thinking patterns) and many other aspects of our happiness. Experiencing positive emotions often makes us more resilient to challenges, more optimistic, healthier, and better at connecting with others.



Often, in order to strengthen and develop pillars and skills related to wellbeing, it is a good idea to manage our emotions and our mental state first – getting ourselves to feel more positive actually gives us a broader perspective and enables us to be better in learning and making quality decisions.

Apart from their impact on wellbeing, positive emotions are wonderful simply because they feel good – to enrich our lives with joy, interest, awe, love, gratitude, etc. means to be more alive and more positive and happy.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to positive emotions: frequency counts more than intensity! 

So, look to discover those small moments of positivity as often as you get the chance to – create small but many moments of joy, inspiration, awe, curiosity, connection, love, gratitude! Explore what your little tricks are to bring in more positive emotions to your life. 



Perhaps today is a good day to decide to focus just a little bit more on creating more positive emotions for yourself – but also on enjoying them more when they happen? ?

P.S. for even more impact, make sure to share the positive emotions with others!





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