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Take a Leap to Happiness

A 2-hour on-demand workshop that will guide you to explore the foundations of happiness & wellbeing - and give you ideas on how to cultivate it in your every day

When someone asks you if you are happy, you are unsure how to reply?

You are achieving your goals, yet you don’t feel any happier and you are not sure what you have been doing wrong?

How often are you wondering – is that all there is?

If you recognize yourself in any of these questions – this workshop is made for you!

Life is too short and too beautiful to spend it living in anything less than an exciting and fulfilling way. 

Your days are too valuable to feel that you are not thriving and not living life to the fullest.

Yet, no one can be happy all the time, right? We can’t chase happiness, can we? 

You are right – the question is not “Am I happy?” (in fact, that question can often drag us into overthinking too much, and even drag us down).

Instead, a much more empowering question is “How can I be happier?”

Sign up for this 2h on-demand workshop to explore how can you strengthen your pillars of happiness with short, practical & science-based tools and approaches.

For a fulfilled, meaningful and joyful life, it is essential to take a moment to question: How can I be happier?

How can Take a Leap to Happiness workshop support you in building a happier life?

The trickiest part about building a happy life is that it’s not always clear what the next step for us might be, and how to approach “working” on our happiness.


Happiness is complex and elusive.


If you chase it too hard and focus on it too intensely, it almost seems like you scare it away.
Instead, happiness requires a gentle exploration, experimentation, and asking yourself powerful questions in an open reflection, without stressing and obsessing about the answers.


But you also want to do that in a smart way.


In a structured, science-based, practical, yet light and enjoyable way.

That is exactly where this workshop comes in!

Joining “Take a Leap to Happiness” workshop, you will:

  • get guidance through a science-based framework to explore different aspects of your happiness, and discover your preferences and priorities on your journey to happier life,
  • uncover blind spots that might have been sabotaging your happiness,
  • learn practical tools to keep on working on your happiness & wellbeing,
  • get new focus and motivation to step into action and bring your happiness and wellbeing to the next level,
  • make your happiness sustainable by having a powerful framework and tools that you can use any time in your life journey when you feel like you “got off course”

Building up your happiness is a unique journey

While building a happy and fulfilled life is an individual journey, when it comes down to being happy, all of us have many things in common.

Our brains work in a similar way and follow similar principles, and we all live in the same world, with all of its beauty and challenges.


Happiness has principles that are true for everyone.


And the science of positive psychology looked into it – and gives us a rich pool of knowledge about habits, ways of thinking & behaviors that contribute to our happiness.


That means that, even though your journey is individual and unique, all of us benefit from exploring the same framework of topics & learning how to tackle the common challenges – while adapting them to your individual style and preferences.


This workshop is the first step to exactly that – becoming happier by mapping out the next steps of your own journey, and prioritizing those steps that will have the biggest positive impact on your life.

Does that sound like something you would like to do? 

Click to sign up and take a leap to happiness!

What will you gain from the workshop?

The workshop is designed to give you clarity into your own happiness and wellbeing – what impacts it, and what you can change for the biggest impact.

Next to guidance in personal reflection, you will gain tangible, practical knowledge and tips from positive psychology (the science of
happiness) to support your happiness and wellbeing.

Finally, you will gain clear focus of what aspects of your happiness and wellbeing you would like to work on, and motivation to explore those aspects further.

Learning goals

Attending this 2h prerecorded workshop, you will:

About the workshop

One of the challenges that search for happiness imposes is that all the tools and ideas we find within positive psychology – the science of happiness – make a very long list, and can be a little overwhelming.

That is why this workshop will guide you to reflect on your happiness through a structured, practical, science-based framework of 12 pillars of happiness.
You will reach insights about how you can bring your happiness to the next level.

The workshop is delivered in a series of pre-recorded videos that you can watch at any time that works best for you – adapted to your own pace and your own schedule.

12 Pillars of Happiness is a unique science-based framework built at Happiness Academy to help you design your own happiness blueprint in practical and structured steps.

Take a Leap to Happiness will take you through three steps:

Step 1 – You will finish the first part of the workshop with a clear focus and motivation of what the next steps in strengthening your happiness and wellbeing could be.

Step 2 – In the second part of the workshop you will learn practical and quick tips and tools on how to strengthen each of the 12 pillars, in a series of 12 five-minute videos.
In the second part, you can choose to just check the videos that relate to your insights and focus areas, or to go through all 12 and work on all the aspects of your happiness and wellbeing.

Step 3 – You will make your action plan – and you will have the framework, tools and videos available for whenever in the future you feel like you need re-focus on your happiness and wellbeing. 

Here are the detailed topics you will find in this workshop:

1-1 – Welcome to the Exploring your happiness workshop – 4:24 min

1-2 – Let the journey through your 12 pillars of happiness begins – 21:00 min

1-3 – Find your focus areas – 5:51 min

2-1 – Pillar 1 – Presence & Mindfulness – 6:04 min 

2-2 – Pillar 2 – Positive Emotions – 5:44 min 

2-3 – Pillar 3 – Engagement & Flow – 5:14 min

2-4 – Pillar 4 – Being Own Best Friend – 6:09 min

2-5 – Pillar 5 – Creator’s Mindset – 8:53 min

2-6 – Pillar 6 – Achievement & Active Creation – 6:14 min

2-7 – Pillar 7 – Continuous Self-development – 3:30 min

2-8 – Pillar 8 – The Power of Gratitude – 5:45 min

2-9 – Pillar 9 – Leveraging Own Strengths – 5:48 min

2-10 – Pillar – 10 Building Resilience – 7:51 min

2-11 – Pillar – 11 Meaning & Purpose – 5:39 min

2-12 – Pillar – 12 Positive Relationships – 5:50 min

3-3 – Where to go next – 7:16 min

This 2h long workshop will guide you to explore quite a diverse range of topics and think about happiness from many different perspectives.

The price of this workshop is 45€.

Here is how to start

The workshop is pre-recorded, which means that once you sign up and pay the workshop fee, you get the email with the links to all the workshop videos.

In total there are 2h of video materials – 35 minutes for initial reflection and self-assessment, and over an hour of quick practical tools – which you can watch at any time best for you.

The steps to join the workshop:

  1. Sign up 
  2. Receive an email with payment information.
  3. Do the transfer (45) and get an email with access to all the videos.
  4. Check the videos and exercises on your own pace.
  5. Get an email one week later with reminder to go through the videos and follow up questions to keep in mind.
  6. The access to videos remains with you permanently (guarantee of one year since you signup, and likely much longer) .

Find your own unique path towards a happier life – together with many powerful, practical tools.

About the trainer

Mirna Smidt is an interpersonal skills trainer and coach, specializing in positive psychology training and train-the-trainers topics, and a founder of Happiness Academy and Trainers Toolbox.

One of the first people in Europe to obtain a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, Mirna is combining her academic knowledge with 10+ years of corporate experience in advanced technologies in Cisco. 

Mirna has been a certified trainer since 2008, actively working on training projects in diverse industries ever since.

She lives in Croatia but works internationally with organizations and individuals in numerous European countries. 

She aims to build training programs that are impactful, goal-oriented, science-based and highly practical – and trains other trainers in doing the same.

Absolutely in love with her work and positive psychology (topics of wellbeing & happiness, resilience, engagement, thinking patterns), Mirna brings a depth of knowledge, energy and enthusiasm in all of her workshops. 

Apart from training, she built her life around traveling, adventures and outdoor sports. 


Read more about Mirna at www.mirnasmidt.com or connect  with her on Linkedin

Mirna Smidt photo

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