Pillar 10

Building Resilience


Resilience can be described as a person’s capacity to cope with changes and challenges and to bounce back during difficult times. 

People who have high resilience thrive in tough times, readily accept challenges, learn from experiences, and are more persistent and happier.

It is about how one deals with stress, limitations, challenging situations, loss, significant life changes (such as aging), and even death.

The skills of resilience are the means to achieve diverse ends – overcome childhood obstacles, steer through new adversities, bounce back from major setbacks, and reach out to broaden your horizons.



What makes up resilience? Resilience is complex, and the easiest way to explore it is through understanding its several components. To explore it deeper, and look into diverse aspects of resilience, check the Happiness Academy Resilience page and learn about 10 foundations of resilience.

Resilience is an inner state of knowing that you can deal with what comes along in life and that you’ll do your best to accomplish what you want and need to.
It is also knowing and trusting that you can rely on yourself. It’s not about being insular, super-independent, and isolated from others, but knowing that you are there for yourself when the need arises. You can support yourself emotionally and physically.
Resilience is also the energizing feeling of OK-ness and confidence when faced with setbacks, disappointments, and the inevitable failures in life.
Finally, it’s about not submitting to self-doubt and fear of failure.

The key to having strong resilience is to base it on many aspects – from our thinking patterns to our relationship, our confidence, adaptability, etc. The power lies in having many sources of resilience and building them up simultaneously.



Another important key to resilience is our experience. Nothing builds up resilience as much as adversity or a big challenge that we overcame.

Just as muscle does not grow without resistance, and the strongest trees are the ones that grow in the windiest places, so does our resilience grows with every challenge and experience we put ourselves through.

While the most powerful way to grow resilience is through challenges, we can also strengthen it in a “gym“, by working to strengthen different elements of resilience even in times when we are not facing a challenge. Some of those muscles are our mindset, gratitude, self-compassion, and positive relationships with others. 


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