Flow learning getaway

Build a Life of Flow
A 7-day lighthouse getaway on the beautiful island of Lastovo in September 2022

What better way to reconnect with yourself and build a fantastic foundation for more flow in your life than on a charming lighthouse on one of the most beautiful Croatian islands?

Join us at the Happiness Academy summer learning getaway for a week of learning about flow, immersed in an exquisite nature, in a company of 10 amazing co-explorers. 

Dive into a rich & insightful learning program and take the time to recharge your batteries & refresh your mind – all while enjoying this magnificent, unique environment. 

“Build a Life of Flow” lighthouse getaway is a custom-tailored experience for a small group of individuals, that will guide you.

Flow is that feeling of “being in the zone”, being fully immersed in an activity or experience, most enjoyably. It usually happens when we work on a meaningful and worthwhile, but also a challenging goal, and when we do so in a deeply focused way. Flow makes us feel engaged in activities, but also life in general.

Experiencing more flow is related to feeling more satisfied with our life, but also with heightened creativity, increased performance, accelerated problem-solving and higher motivation. According to research, learning new skills while in flow cuts the path to mastery in half.

And when you discover science-based tools and your own personalized ways of experiencing more flow in an isolated and inspiring setting of the lighthouse, it gets much easier to transfer those insights into everyday routine.  

At this learning getaway and training program, we will dedicate time to exploring how to build a life that is rich in flow.

The biggest part of the week will run around meaningful experiences – you will be discovering more about flow by playing with diverse activities and ideas and building insights about what works best for you. 
The program will also be rich in learning (4-5h of engaging and insightful workshops per day), with content built on science-based insights and practical tools.

Join us in this beautiful, friendly, and relaxed environment, rich in curiosity, learning, and personal discoveries about flow and wellbeing.

When, where and who?

When? 4th-10th of September 2022.

Where? Magnificent lighthouse on the incredible island Lastovo in Croatia

Who? 10 amazing individuals that wish to recharge their batteries and work on the quality of their life in a relaxed, engaging, and learning-oriented way, in a gorgeous environment.
While a mild sense of adventure will be needed (the location is fairly remote and isolated), it will be an easygoing, recharging, and enjoyable experience.

*After you sign up, we speak personally with all participants to make sure they resonate with the values and approach of the Happiness Academy and fit in with the rest of the group.


Once the group is finalized, you will also receive a detailed questionnaire about your preferences for activities, food, and program details, as the program will be tailored to your needs and preferences. 

What will you gain?

You will leave this learning getaway with a better understanding of what are the sources of flow for you and with many practical ideas, tips, and tricks on how to infuse a bit more happiness, meaning, and flow into your everyday life and work – but also refreshed, recharged and feeling great.

Experience flow

How does it feel to live life of flow?

The deepest clarity and motivation comes from experience – that is why on this learning getaway we will look to build diverse experiences of how flow might look like for you.

Then, we will combine discussion and reflection moments to transfer those experiences into deep insights: what is your best gateway to flow? 

Which type of experiences works best for you?

Which of the characteristics and triggers of flow are the most relevant ones for you? Which ones are the trickiest for you to construct?

How well do you deal with challenges and leaving your comfort zone – and is that something that you should strengthen or tone down in your own life? 

What further experiences would you like to explore, and what habits would be most beneficial to build?

We will use meaningful experiences to “taste” flow, and to answer all of these questions. 

Gain clarity on your style

Flow is one of the most fulfilling states that we can experience as a human – but it is also quite an elusive state.

It is a bit like sleep – if you chase it too hard, it tends to slip away…yet you do need to build the right pre-conditions to give it a chance. 

Luckily, the science of positive psychology gave us a lot of insights into what is “recipe” for flow – what are  the habits, ways of thinking, and behaviors that might be conducive to flow. 

Still, building a life of flow and meaning remains an individual journey of exploration, creation, learning, and building new habits.

That is why this “learning getaway” is focused on you building the insights about your own unique style of flow, and what changes and new habits you might need in your everyday life in order to enrich it with more flow.


Quality and level of our physical, mental and emotions energy is crucial part of our wellbeing and fulfilled life. 

If your batteries are empty, you are not likely to experience a lot of flow. 

Also, your thinking will be less sharp, “big picture” thinking less innovative, and you will be less likely to experience positive emotions. 

Our energy impact all aspects of our quality of life – from wellbeing to resilience, relationships, results. 

That is why part of this training event is also to create a stimulating and creative yet relaxing environment that will enable you to recharge well and refresh your energy and thinking. 

What are your days going to look like?

The goal of this Happiness Academy getaway is to support you in building more flow in your life, while also recharging and refreshing your energy and motivation. 

We will do that by combining learning with exciting, joyful, and relaxing experiences and great conversations. 

Workshops will be conducted inside and outside depending on the weather conditions.

Find the more detailed outline how will the days look like below.

However, as this is custom-tailored experience, the final design of the program will be adjusted to the needs and preferences of the attendees.

Sunday, 4th of September 2022. – Arrival day

Once you arrive on the island, we’re going to pick you up at the ferry station on Lastovo and take you for a 25-minute scenic drive to our magnificent lighthouse accommodation.

Afterward, you’ll have plenty of time to unpack and settle down. 

Your travel to the island will probably take a good amount of time, so for the first day, we plan to have a chilled evening along with some light snacks and drinks.

This day will be very light in terms of activities. 

Monday, 5th of September 2022. – Friday, 9th of September 2022. – Exploring Flow

After waking up to the most magnificent view ever, you will venture out to find a nourishing and yummy breakfast. 

If it will be a sunny day, we might have breakfast outside with a sea view. If you will feel like socializing, there will be 9 other amazing people there to share this awesome moment – but if you prefer to have a bit of silence, you will be able to venture out for a small walk and empty your head.   

As mindfulness is one of the cornerstones of flow (and so is a cornerstone of a great experience), we might add a small mindful moment before or after breakfast – fully optional, and with a diverse exercises on each of the days. 

After breakfast, we will dive into the workshop of the day – for the next 3h, you will learn insightful and interesting tools that help you build more flow, discuss ideas and perspectives about having flow with others, and engage in a bit of reflection on how could you apply these tools already today – and especially in your life after this getaway. 

After a bit of free time, we will grab lunch on the terrace of the lighthouse. After lunch, it is your zen time – you might choose to go for a walk, a swim, grab a book, or have an interesting conversation. If your introvert is afraid of getting stuck in too many conversations, don’t worry – we will also build a bit of respectfully protected space for solitude and reflection. At the same time, it might be challenging to resist all the valuable exchanges!

In the late afternoon, activities will be very diverse – sometimes we will engage in some more active way (be it sporty or brainy activity) and then discuss those activities a bit and explore how did they work for us in terms of flow. On other days, we will be in more of a workshop or discussion-based mode, sharing insights, and tools, discussing good books, or taking a moment to reflect. Or you might catch up with your “reflection buddy” and think about your learnings from this insightful and active day.

Dinner time! Join us for local and nourishing food, in a group setting. 

Evenings will be fairly quiet, as there is not a lot going on in a lighthouse at night. You will be able to enjoy an incredibly starry night, have a light walk, jump onto a board game, have an interesting conversation – or propose an activity. 

The exact plan and schedule itself will be highly customized according to your needs and preferences – so you are also invited to co-create and shape this experience with your ideas, feedback, insights, and proposals.

Saturday, 10th of September 2022. – Goodbye day

In the morning, after breakfast (or whenever you choose) we will take you to the ferry station in Lastovo where you can board the ferry back to Split and say goodbye to this magnificent island, the lighthouse, and the experience. 

We strongly recommend avoiding the post-holiday depression by booking a night in Split and spending a day exploring that beautiful, historic Croatian city.

Learning goals for the week

This course will give you a broad range of new ideas about training Flow, get the tools to apply it in your life, explore and see what works best for your unique style, and encouragement to make flow your own.

All while having a relaxing and fun week, meeting new people and learning something new, along with them, every day.

Throughout this week, you’ll learn how to:

• understand how flow happens and how can you create more of it in your life

• develop a clear understanding of what pre-conditions and triggers lead to more flow

• discover research-based tools for building flow

• explore characteristics of flow in practice and learn how to apply them in your everyday life

identify your style of flow and learn to use tools to fit your personally

• build more mindfulness and presence in the moment through practice and new tools and ideas

• get specific techniques to strengthen flow in your life

• learn what shifts you can make to start experiencing high levels of flow and how to apply “flow hacks”

• understand how to fit flow in the broader picture of your life

What's included in the program?

• Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the program (alcohol excluded)

• Lodging for 6 nights

• Transportation to and from the ferry station on Ubli Lastovo to the getaway location (to get there, we need to take a 4h ferry boat with Jadrolinija https://www.jadrolinija.hr/)

• The Happiness Academy program and all activities and materials during the program

What is the price of this learning getaway?

The event is finished – do check here for the upcoming learning getaways.

*After you sign up, you will be invited for a personal interview, as we want to make sure all participants resonate with the values and approach of Happiness academy and fit with the rest of the group.

Frequently asked questions

Food – what to expect?

The food plan will include

• light dinner/snacks on arrival

• rich breakfast for 6 days

• one big meal a day for the 5 main days of the program

• one simpler meal for the 5 main days

• snacks (fruit, nuts, energy bars)

*Please note that as the lighthouse is located in a pretty remote place the food options could be limited, although we will do our best to fulfill all of your needs and wants. You will be sharing your food habits and preferences in advance, and we will see to respect them.

Accommodation – what to expect?

Our venue is “nature meets activity & flow” type of place – not a luxury venue, but a very simple, old, rustic accommodation (it is literally the original house of the lighthouse).

It is surrounded by nature and the the position of the house on the top of the cliff, surrounded by sea, is truly magnificent. 

Still, as it is very simple and remote, please be ready to be a bit flexible and understanding about the circumstances. 

Most of the rooms are shared rooms, two beds per room (don’t worry introverts, we will make sure to get you enough of alone time :)), in a four-bed apartment.

*If you’re coming alone, don’t worry, we will make sure to match you with someone who will be a good match – we will be very cautious of this.

Where on earth is Lastovo? How do I get there?

To join us, you will need to take a ferry boat from Split (Split ferry terminal is around 30-35min by bus from the Airport + a 10min walk). 

It is quite a long boat ride from Split to Lastovo (4+ hours) and doesn’t go too often.

Boat options for Sun, 4th of September, from Split to Ubli (Lastovo):

10:15 ferry (arrives at 15:30)

15h catamaran (arrives at 18:25)

17:30 ferry (arrives at 22h)

Once you land by ferry on Lastovo, we are picking you up and will take it from there.

Let us know if you need any help checking the options for your travel. 

Return boat on Sat, 10th of September leaves Ubli at 11:15am, to arrive to Split at 17h. So do make sure to plan your flight home or late enough on Saturday, or ideally to stay in Split for a night and then fly home on Sunday, 11th of September. 
There is one more boat option – leaves Ubli at 4:25 am, arrives to Split at 7:40 AM – but this one would mean leaving lighthouse at 3:30 am. If you choose this option, we will be happy to accommodate it and transfer you at that time – but would not recommend it.

About the lighthouse and island Lastovo

The island of Lastovo is one of the most southern, remote and least inhabited islands of Croatia. Being a military base for a long time, it’s filled with pristine, untouched nature. Currently it’s populated with around 800 people spread across several villages on the island.


The lighthouse Struga is positioned on the southern part of the island in beautiful Skrivena Luka. It was built in 1839 and it’s one of the oldest lighthouses in the Adriatic sea. Skrivena Luka is a quiet place mainly visited by sailors and their boats. The lighthouse lies on the height of 70 m, at the very edge of a steep cliff that offers a splendid view of the open sea while on the other side, the slope connects it towards the shore. Because of it’s position, mornings and evenings there are filled with a beautiful view of sunrise and sunset.

Your trainer

Mirna Smidt is an interpersonal skills trainer and coach, full of positive energy and passionate about creating impactful learning experiences.

She discovered the concept of flow through Csikszentmihaly’s amazing book while sailing on Whitsundays in Australia in 2009 – and spent two days with a nose in the book. When she got back to the real world – the enchanting world of snorkeling and sailing Whitsundays – it was to start exploring flow in practice, in real life.

Being a trainer already (Mirna has been a certified trainer since 2008, an NLP Master Practitioner, and holds a range of coaching and training-related certifications), she chose to shift her focus (and her whole career) towards the training in positive psychology. 

It also led her to become one of the first people in Europe to complete a Master of Applied Positive Psychology at Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge (graduating on the topic of training of flow).

She is the founder of Happiness Academy, an initiative through which she is designing and delivering a broad range of positive psychology educational events and materials. Mirna also started Trainer’s Toolbox, a project through which she develops creative tools for trainers and coaches.

Apart from training, Mirna is in love rich in experiences and adventures – she is an avid traveler, a bookworm, and in love with the sea (sailing, diving, kayaking), nature, horses, and outdoor sports.  

Join us for this journey!

“Build a Life of Flow” learning getaway will offer you an opportunity to lean on a strong, engaging, and enjoyable science-based framework that will support your unique and authentic journey of exploring and building life rich in flow and meaning.

Do not miss the chance to join us for this beautiful learning getaway – click to join:

What do the others say?

While this is the first event of this type that we are running at Happiness Academy, Mirna has been focusing on delivering training on flow in many formats. Here is what some of the previous attendees of flow programs say:

Valentijn Mees, Agile Coach and Consultant, The Netherlands

“If you want to invite flow into your life, then you are going to have to dedicate the space for it. Finding flow takes time and commitment. Ironically, it takes effortful action to become effortless. The course ‘deep dive into the flow’ creates the space for you to understand your flow signature. You will explore your flow timeline, identify traps that prevent you from experiencing flow, and develop your personal style of flow. The course helped me to integrate insights through journaling and reflection exercises. This has really helped me to get clarity about personal aspects of flow. I really can recommend it, if you are looking for a practical way to find more flow.”


Petra van Pijkeren, Medical Student, The Netherlands

“What 2 hours a week can do for a person is sometimes difficult to describe. However, here is an attempt to describe it generally. The Flow course was a much welcome weekly session. In which we got Mirna’s famous balanced information/reflection/skill ratio on the topic. A course to support and encourage each other in the state of Flow. An interesting topic with a knowledgeable coach.

Maybe another more personal:

Loved the weekly reflection and encouragement. I always looked forward to more depth into the topic of Flow. Mostly came out of it with much-needed enthusiasm and feeling grounded.”


Margita Soldo, CEO & Translator, Croatia

“I attended the hacking flow state workshop and Mirna’s enthusiasm and attention show that she practices what she teaches.

Her workshops are a great opportunity to meet an engaging group of people who share the same interest in exploring interesting, positive topics and applying the learned to their daily lives. These workshops are definitely a place to go, as a group of like-minded people led by an experienced professional, in both theory and practice, will give you that long-desired push.”


Carolina Oliviera, Portugal

“Discover the flow – where joy meets performance addresses exactly what people need to know and rethink. It helps to find strategies to flow in our daily activities or find time for our favorite activities at the right time. It helps us make the most of our time to be productive in the best way. And the way Mirna talks about all of this makes it so much easier to flow and live intentionally.”

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