Lastovo learning getaway 2022 – throwback

Build a Life of Flow
A throwback to our 7-day lighthouse getaway on the beautiful island of Lastovo in September 2022

This is how Getaway 2022 on Lastovo looked liked – if you are curious about the new Getaway plans for 2023 and considering joining us – check Istria Getaway happening in September 2023.

What better way to reconnect with yourself and build a fantastic foundation for more flow in your life than on a charming lighthouse on one of the most beautiful Croatian islands?

Seven amazing people joined us at the Happiness Academy summer learning getaway for a week of learning about flow and immersed in an exquisite nature. 

We dived into a rich & insightful learning program and took the time to recharge our batteries & refresh our mind – all while enjoying this magnificent, unique environment. 


The week was all about meaningful experiences that served as a playground to create deep insights about Flow (the state of full engagement, being “in the zone”) – we discovered flow by exploring diverse activities and ideas and building insights about what works best for each of us personally. 

With 4 hours of engaging and insightful workshops in the morning, the program has been rich in learning and discovering tools from the science of positive psychology. Yet the whole week out of workshops was also designed for exploration and learning through experiences and meaningful conversations.

Surrounded by an amazing cozy group of interesting people, it made us relaxed, open and curios, and created a lot of positive energy for the week.

Friendly and relaxed environment rich in learning and personal discoveries about flow and wellbeing provided an ideal setting to not only discover more about Flow – but to also refresh our energy and motivation.

What did our days look like?

The days started with “mindful moment” – each day we took 10 minutes to learn a new mindfulness technique, one that can be done easy and in a short time. It helped us settle into the day in a grounded, relaxed, gentle yet focused way.


After a relaxed and nourishing breakfast with a spectacular view, we sat down for workshops outside to enjoy the sunlight of the beautiful Croatian late summer days.


Each day we explored new ideas, tools and tips for Flow – what gives us sense of flow (being “in the zone”) in different aspects of our life, which factors contribute to it, and how can we be adjusting these for more flow?


Next to meaningful conversation, reflection and learning new tools at workshops, we explored flow in practice through kayaking, hiking, snorkelling, monofin swimming, meaningful conversations, and further mini adventures.

We gathered memorable experiences during stargazing, exchanged valuable ideas on book discussions and savoured delicious foodie experiences.

As our focus was not just on leaning about flow but also on energy and enjoyment, we enjoyed homemade, fresh and wholesome breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Beyond that, we had the opportunity to visit unique locations to taste the traditional cuisine.


Needless to say, free time for reading, relaxing, swimming and alone time was included, as well as small mindful moments and time for reflection.


The design of the whole week (including learning program) was adjusted to the unique needs, wishes and preferences of the group, which is something we strive to do on every Getaway.

Learning about flow

Flow is that feeling of “being in the zone”, being fully immersed in an activity or experience, most enjoyably. It usually happens when we work on a meaningful and worthwhile, but also a challenging goal, and when we do so in a deeply focused way. Flow makes us feel engaged in activities, but also life in general.


Experiencing more flow is related to feeling more satisfied with our life, but also with heightened creativity, increased performance, accelerated problem-solving and higher motivation

Luckily, the science of positive psychology gave us a lot of insights into what is “recipe” for flow – what are the habits, ways of thinking, and behaviours that might be conducive to flow. 

Still, building a life of flow and meaning remains an individual journey of exploration, creation, learning, and building new habits.

And when you discover science-based tools and your own personalized ways of experiencing more flow in an isolated and inspiring setting of the lighthouse, it gets much easier to transfer those insights into everyday routine.  

You might have missed our Build a Life of Flow Getaway – but you can still learn about flow with us!

Our “Deep Dive into Flow” online course explores the topic of flow over 8 weeks (2h calls per week).

By joining the course, you discover the science-based tools and tips for more flow, as well as engage in meaningful discussions and deep reflection about how to adjust these to your own style of flow and to your own life.

What did we achieve?

Our participants left this learning getaway with a better understanding of what are the sources of flow for them and with many practical ideas, tips, and tricks on how to infuse a bit more happiness, meaning, and flow into their everyday life and work.

They also left refreshed, recharged, inspired and with a lot of amazing memories.

They got the chance to experience flow in meaningful activities, gain clarity on their own style of flow and find tools that fit and support their individual process.


Recharged and content, and rich in new endearing memories, everyone left ready and motivated to build a life of flow.

Lastovo Getaway is now over – but you can still join us for some of the future Getaways to learn more about your wellbeing in an immersive, inspiring environment!

Check out the upcoming learning getaways!

About the lighthouse Struga on the island Lastovo

The island of Lastovo is one of the most southern, remote and least inhabited islands of Croatia. Being a military base for a long time, resulted in a pristine, untouched nature with crystal sea and breathtaking views. Currently it’s populated with around 800 people spread across several villages on the island.


The lighthouse Struga is truly a special place – it is positioned on the southern part of the island in beautiful Skrivena Luka.

The lighthouse is surrounded by nature and the position of the house on the top of the cliff, surrounded by sea, is truly magnificent. 


Skrivena Luka is a quiet place mainly visited by sailors and their boats – quiet yet feeling alive.

The lighthouse itself was built in 1839 and it’s one of the oldest lighthouses in the Adriatic sea.


Because of its position, mornings and evenings there are filled with a beautiful view of sunrise and sunsets.

As a location that merges adventure and beauty, it served as a perfect platform to explore the topic of flow – one that requires focus, but also challenging ourselves a bit and stepping out of our comfort zone.


With all of our Getaways, we look to bring together incredible, unique locations with inspiring topics – and use the immersive, enjoyable experiences to create lasting memories and lasting insights about our wellbeing, flow, and resilience.

What do the others say?

While this is the first event of this type that we are running at Happiness Academy, Mirna has been focusing on delivering training on flow in many formats. Here is what some of the previous attendees of flow programs say:


Edita Jurak, Biotechnology Assistant Professor, Croatia/Netherlands

The Flow gateway for a fantastic experience that I would recommend to everyone! It did revolve around the topic of flow but it did touch on super important life tools like energy management, focus and challenges!

Mirna is an awesome trainer and having engaging discussions with like-minded people was truly a stimulating and eye-opening experience! Location was unparalleled and gorgeous and it really added to the topic!



Francesco Portoso, Digital Operations Manager at Amazon Digital Music, Italy/Luxembourg

Perfect mix between new knowledge & forward-looking practice , self-reflection, awe-inspiring landscapes, supporting trainer & participants and flow-inducing activities, highly recommended!



Ana-Maria Radu, Learning & People Development at Unicredit, Romania

“It was a such great experience!

An enchanting location 🌊, with wonderful people 😎, learning, and experiences intended to bring more flow! What more could I want? 😃

Thank you, Mirna Smidt for having this amazing idea to organize such a program!”



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