Life Design: Create a life you love

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How do you feel about your life these days?

Does it feel nice, good… but misses a bit more drive, excitement, fulfilment?

It’s cosy but you wouldn’t say it is “WOOOOW”?

Or perhaps you love the way your life is unfolding on a bigger picture, but you lost your bearing a bit and feel somewhat lost in your everyday routine?

Perhaps you feel a bit stuck and insecure about the future? Feeling like you should know what you want to do with your life, but you aren’t sure in which direction to head?

Wild and precious life

Date and time: Tuesday, 2nd of July 2019, 17:30 – 21h
Where: Impact Hub Zagreb, Vlaska ulica 70E, Zagreb
Price: 240 Hrk; for 2 persons attending together 400 Hrk
Trainer: Mirna Smidt

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Create life that you live through Life Design workshop

re-design your lifeIf you are wondering “What should I do with my life?” or “What would be the best next steps for me?”, this is the perfect workshop for you!

We believe life can, and should, be meaningful, exciting, fulfilling, and that it is important to take time to question and plan to make sure that we are intentionally building such life.

How would you like to take an evening to re-design your life – to refocus on what matters to you most, to review your life vision, and clarify your goals, at the same time making them motivating, inspiring and impactful?

This workshop is here to help you understand what a life well-lived is for you and how you can create it, embody it, fulfill it, play with it, love it and live it – make it unfold in the way that works best for you.

Life feels most meaningful when three aspects are aligned: who you are (your strengths, personality, values), what you believe in (your values, opinions and things you care about) and what you do (your work, hobbies, actions, goals and things you build and create in life). When these three make a coherent story, that will give us a sense of meaning in our life and motivate us.
To build such a life, one needs to choose carefully and intentionally what one DOES – in what one invests time and energy.
In an interactive, engaging and practical way, we will look deep into what you want to do/be/become.
You will engage in a structured reflection and exploration that will open new perspectives for you and plan what kind of experiences, growth, learning and creation you wish to build in your life. You will also make that vision and dream tangible by translating it into specific, clear and focused goals, as well as design diverse experiments to help you clear out your thoughts.

Building a life you loveThis workshop is an opportunity to take a step forward in building a life you love – a life based on your values and dreams, meaningful to you and crafted exactly according to your uniqueness – but also life built on little moments of joy, experiment, playfulness and fun.
It will give you new ideas, inspiration, motivation and a bit of a kick to create things you wish to create.

We will explore all aspects of your life – from everyday habits, to your biggest goals and vision for life.

Learning goals for this workshop

At this workshop, you will:
​• reflect on possible designs for your life, exploring each in a playful yet powerful way with lots of ideas!
• exchange thoughts and ideas with an inspiring bunch of people eager to take ownerships of their lives and make an impact
• get motivated and inspired to create an (even more) fulfilling and joyful life
• identify your impact in the world
• gain clarity into your drives, wishes, visions and plans
• get tools that will help you gain new perspective and move forward when you feel stuck
• have fun and enjoy this journey of building next steps for yourself
• plan new powerful habits that will bring you closer to your goals

You will develop clear focus of your next steps and leave with detailed, precise, clear and motivating vision and goals for the next chapter of your life.
The workshop will be based on the science of positive psychology and filled with practical and impactful tools.

If that sounds like something you would enjoy, do join a small group of motivated individuals for this workshop!

And if you are still wondering Who should attend?,
The short answer is: anyone who would like to intentionally design the life they want to live.
Most of our participants seem to fall into three broad categories: those creating a new path in life (planning a big change or transition), those wanting to get back on track of what they wanted out of life (yet somehow got a bit distracted from that path) and those insecure about what they want out of their life (and which career and life plan to pursue).

Join as on this workshop to kick off a new chapter in living an intentional, inspired and fulfilling life.