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Here at Happiness Academy we are supporting you in building your wellbeing and happiness, using framework of 12 pillars of happiness.

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12 pillars of happiness and wellbeing, an online course for more fulfilled life

This course will offer you a framework for exploration of your own happiness. You will get a developed structure through which you will explore all different areas of happiness.  

It is a guided process, with a lot of  thought exchanges and support.

The course goes for 12 weeks (2h weekly) in a smallclosely connected, and positive group. We explore these topics in a highly experiential and practical way and work on embedding all of them in our everyday life.

Learn more about wellbeing with Happiness Academy free resources:

🤓 Strengthen your 12 pillars of happiness, free email course in 14 lessons. It covers one pillar every 2 days – in an easy email format, with a practical exercise for each pillar.


📖 12 Pillars of Happiness, free ebook design to help you with exploration of 12 pillars.


12 pillars of happiness – strengthen the foundation of your wellbeing, free 1h long webinar  to guide you through reflection on your 12 pillars and how well is each working for you

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