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"Strengthen your 12 pillars of happiness"

Free email course in 14 lessons with practical exercises

When was the last time you really reflected on what can you do for your well-being? This free email course can help you!

The 12 Pillars of Happiness” is a framework designed at Happiness Academy that guides you to live a happy and fulfilled life.

In this free email course you will get:

  • 14 emails sent every 2 days

  • short theoretical intro to each pillar

  • 13 simple exercises to reflect on your happiness and wellbeing

  • support of our community for meaningful conversations Positive Psychology Tribe (optional)

The aim of the course is to give you practical ideas to work on your wellbeing and happiness, in an easy and enjoyable way.

At the same time, you will get resources that will allow you to dive deeper into any of the pillars that you believe to be relevant and would like to strengthen in your life.

Enjoy the exploration! 

What do the attendees have to say about the course?

Thank you, Mirna, for the “12 Pillars of Happiness” course! I did all the exercises and I have to admit, I totally feel the transformation! 🙂


Una Barković, Croatia, International Office Coordinator 

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