Complete Guide to Happiness

An online course for more fulfilled life

Life is just too short and too precious not to be happy. Your days are too valuable to not feel that you are thriving and living life to the fullest.

Yet happiness is sometimes so complex and elusive… can it really be pursued?

In fact… it can! Science of positive psychology figured out what habits, ways of thinking and behaviors might be inducive to our happiness. Building your own happiness remains an individual journey of exploration, creation, learning and building new habits focused on what makes you happy.

This course will help you in exactly that – make you happy by mapping out your own journey and taking your exploration a step further.

The focus will not only be on understanding the causes of happiness but on your learning and the implementation of the skills and approaches learnt that promote happiness in your own life.

What to expect from the course?

This course will offer you a framework for exploration of your own happiness. You will get a developed structure through which you will explore all different areas of happiness.  

It is a guided process, with a lot of  thought exchanges and support, in a small close-knitted group of 8.

12 Steps to Happiness course by Happiness Academy is:

  • based on science of positive psychology and neuroscience 

  • focused on building habits, reflection on personal causes of our happiness and new insights

  • dealing with physical, mental, emotional and social aspects that impact our happiness

  • based on proven methods tested in real life and in scientific research

What will I learn?

Through 12 sessions you will be learning through readings, videos and discussions. Focus will be on practicing new life habits which will require participants to engage in mandatory pre and post-work between the calls.

This course will push you into proactively taking care of your happiness and wellbeing.

Each of the modules during these 3 months will focus on one skill, area or activity proven to make you happier, such as optimism, relationships, meaning, and kindness (see course outline for details).

By going through 12 Steps to Happiness by Happiness Academy course you will:

After finishing this course you will move forward with your life happier and with habits that foster happiness.
You will also have rich knowledge about happiness and better understanding of what are the sources of your own happiness.

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Logistics, dates and price

12 virtual sessions via learning platform, each 2h long

  • The new group is starting in January 2025! Applications are opening in the summer-autumn 2024! – 

  • Limited to 8  participants

  • Fee: 680 EUR 

  • Applications will open in the summer, but it’s best to signup up for the waiting list already via contact form!

12 Steps to Happiness course outline

Each of 12 modules based on research from different areas of positive psychology will have a slightly different focus.  The goal of every module is developing a different aspect of an individual’s own happiness and wellbeing. If you would like to explore the topics of the different modules, have a look below:

our favourite websites to read about positive psychology
1. Explore Happiness

Introduction and course overview. Get to know the 8 participants – be inspired. Participants will share expectations and goals for this course.
Explore what is happiness – the science of happiness, why does happiness matter? What things impact out happiness? Understand the recipe for a happy life.

Would your mindfulness benefit
2. Discover Presence in Your Life

What is presence and why does it matter? What is the link between presence and happiness? What is mindfulness? How to be more mindful? Exploring body sensations. Journaling.
Creating a space and environment that supports and facilitates happy habits. Spoiling ourselves.

Want to re-focus your life
3. Focus and Harness Positive Emotions

The importance of focus and its impact on happiness. The power of change. Focus on positive emotions. Exploring positive emotions. Zorro circle. Making good habits easy. Gratefulness and loving kindness.

4. Rediscover Playfulness and Build Flow

Building playful spontaneity.
Positive emotion – joy. Adventures, bucket lists and exploration.
Flow. Passions, being in the moment. Setting and meeting goals.

5. Become Your Own Best Friend

Self-compassion – accepting ourselves and treating ourselves as our own best friend. Building self-compassion. Self-compassion meditation.
Forgiveness and self-forgiveness.
META meditation of loving kindness.

re-design your life
6. Master Your Thoughts

The gap between thoughts and reality. Locus of control – I decide what story I tell myself. Awareness of own thoughts. Exploring meditation, journaling and self-talk. Techniques to control own thoughts.
“Half-way through the course” checkpoint.

7. Develop a Powerful Mindset

Growth mindset and it’s importance. Self-love. Introduction to strengths. Why strengths approach works.

8. Uncover Your Strengths

The importance of focusing on strengths. What are strengths? What are MY strengths? Applying your strengths. Overusing strengths. Using the environment to support our strengths.

7 traps on the way to happiness
9. Build Resilience

Values and strengths as a foundation for resilience. Equanimity. The power of hope. 4 types of resilience. Presence, mindfulness and appreciation.
Locus of control. Using strengths to build resilience. Values.

10. Live a Meaningful Life

Meaningful goals and contribution. Dreaming big. Life vision. My Best Self. Connecting meaning with own strengths and values. Building resources and symbols for our journey.

International Day of Happiness
11. Connect with Others

Giving back and love. Random act of kindness. Social connections and Social Network Map. Link of social connections and happiness. Attachment theory. Touch. Romantic relationships. Friendships. Empathy. Gratitude and positive attitude. Vulnerability and social support.

4 powerful questions to rewire your brain
12. Design Next Steps

Analyzing own learning from the course. Looking into journals. Rocking chair. Value revisited. Planning next steps. Pleasure and taking care of ourselve

The course is based on the knowledge built from a wide variety of positive psychology resources and neuroscience – from Seligman’s work, Sonya Lyubomirsky, Barbara Fredrickson, Dan Pink, Dan Gilbert, Barry Schwartz, Daniel Goleman, Richard Davidson, Viktor Frankl, Tal Ben Shahar’s and Shawn Achor, everything from foundation work of recognised authors all the way to the refreshing view of the “new”, young generation.

The foundation of the course is a broader context of psychology around happiness and most powerful methods of applying this knowledge – areas of psychology such as Emotional Intelligence, development of habits, learning of skills, newest findings about how the brain works, traits of different personalities and a range of different traits of human functioning that all have an impact on our happiness.

Many ideas come from personal stories and experiences. Although these stories are not firm references, they are powerful examples in which we can easily see principles of happiness “applied” and see what worked for these individuals.

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