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Becoming your own best friend

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Workshop on self-compassion and relating to yourself positively

How do you talk to yourself? Think about yourself? Act towards yourself?
Is it positive or do you fall in trap of negativity every now and then?
Are you gentle and kind, or are you harsh and critical?
Are you taking care of your needs and listening to ourselves?
How would life be different if you would start treating yourself in a loving and kind way, just the way you would treat a dear friend?

If this sounds like a good idea, this workshop is made for you.

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Date and time: 23rd of May, Thursday, 19-22h CET
Where: virtual call – link will be provided to those who signup
Price: 49 € (early bird 38€ for fees paid until 13th of May)
Trainer: Mirna Smidt

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Becoming your own best friendAt the workshop, we will explore how we think about ourselves, talk to ourselves and act towards ourselves and how we can develop more kind, gentle and loving ways of doing that.

We will be exploring the topics of self-compassion, self-acceptance and self-love through a range of experiential exercises, theory and discussions in an interactive and supportive setting of a small group.

At this workshop you will:
• gain a clear understanding of what self-compassion, self-acceptance and self-love meansBecoming your own best friend
• understand better which parts of your relationship with yourself are positive and which might benefit of changing them
• learn to appreciate your good sides and unique qualities
• actively work on relationship with yourself, making it more loving and more compassionate
• get a ton of new ideas on how to work on these topics in a future, in an active, practical yet simple and short ways

Relating to ourselves kindly and lovingly allows us to be more vulnerable and authentic in our own live and in connections to others, to be bolder with our goals and sharing our strengths, and to live life more fully.

If that sounds like something you wish to explore, make sure to grab your spot in time.

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