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Happiness Academy Trainer

Mirna Šmidt

Mirna ŠmidtMirna Šmidt is an interpersonal skills trainer and coach in love with the development of own and others peoples’ skills, in new experiences and travel and full of positive energy.
In parallel with her IT career in advanced technologies she acquired over 10 years of experience in training during which she has collaborated on numerous international learning projects and with many companies in diverse industries.
Mirna completed postgraduate studies in Applied Positive Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, NLP Masters practitioner and a range of coaching and training related educations. She is the founder of Happiness Academy, an initiative through which she is designing and delivering a broad range of positive psychology educational events and materials. Mirna also started Trainers’ Toolbox, a project through which she is developing creative tools for trainers and coaches.
Read more about Mirna at Mirna’s website and her background in training or at Linkedin.