Powerful Mindset

The way we look at the world and the way we think about the world is directly linked to our happiness, wellbeing and success. Everything is possible and it is ultimately down to your Mindset.

Check Mindset summary to learn more about mindset and his powerful impact on our happiness. 👉

Our brain loooves questions. It’s wired to get interested in a question, to keep on looking for answers, and mulling over the puzzles. So why not leveraging that to lead our brain into more productive thinking patterns?

Check Idea for action paragraph for interesting questions to ask yourself for strenghting your mindset.


You can download Mindset summary here. (link)

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30 days Mindset challenge

The key working with Mindset is to work on it consistently, in small steps – and this 30 days Mindset challenge by Happiness Academy is a perfect place to start!  Begin the email challenge here

If you wish to dive deeper in Mindset topic in guided program do join us on this 10 module online course! 

Build Powerful Mindset course is based on practical, science-based tools from positive psychology and delivered in an interactive and engaging way. It is filled with experiential exercises, with a lot of group discussion, sharing and reflection.

You will understand the mindset – what impacts it and how to work with it, uncover your thinking patterns and how they impact emotions and behaviour and much more.

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