Mindset: master your thoughts for more happiness

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Do you every wish to have a bit more control over your thoughts? Does it sometimes feel like your brain is all over the place? Almost like it is working against you and your happiness? Perhaps you are bothered by negative thoughts or worries or annoyance?

It is incredible what a huge part of our happiness relies exclusively on our thinking patterns – on our internal “maps” and habits that shape our perspective on the world and situations.

Of course, our happiness, success and satisfaction with life depends both on our circumstances and our thinking patterns, but did you know that actually thinking patterns and mindset count for more than the external circumstances?

At this workshop we will explore very practical and quick tools to work with own thoughts – and actually change our thinking for better results and more satisfaction and meaning.

If that sounds appealing – make sure to grab your spot on time!

Date and time: 16th of February 2021, 7-9 p.m. CET
Where: online
Regular fee: 35 €
Trainer: Mirna Smidt

Habits of our thinking have a massive impact on what we notice and focus on in the world around us. They determine will we find more  things that make us happy, curious and positive.

Unfortunately, nature hasn’t gifted us with thinking patterns optimal for happiness, success and satisfaction in life. It was simply focused on survival patterns, even if those sometimes makes us edgy, anxious or miserable.

Good news: it is pretty simple to rewire our brain and to change our habits of thinking – although not always easy. It requires the right techniques and tools, as well as a little bit of patience and consistency.

The quality of our thoughts and our mindset are what really defines the quality of our life.

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At this workshop you will:

You will leave the workshop feeling empowered and enriched by practical toolbox.

This online workshop will be highly experiential, interactive and engaging – built on a series of exercises, discussions and reflections, all based on evidence-based knowledge from positive psychology, in a supportive environment of a small group.

The content will be comprehensive, diverse, practical and research-based.

You will have fun in the process and get inspired by others’ thoughts, ideas and perspectives 🙂

If that sounds like something you might want to explore – join as at this workshop!