MyRemarkableYear Taster Meet-up: Bucket lists and Mindfulness

Thinking of joining MyRemarkableYear….but curious to see who else will be there?

I get it. To join such group, even if you like the idea, the big question is: who else will be there? Are they interesting, motivating, positive?

Well, one thing I can tell you is that most of people joining will be Happiness Academy alumni from different courses and Life Design – and I can tell you most of the people joining our courses are amazing <3 – self-development and wellbeing driven, and care about their impact in the world. 

However, don’t take my word for it – instead, join us for a “MyRemarkableYear Taster Meetup” and meet the rest of the people who is planning to join MyRemarkableYear.

The Meetup will be held on Wednesday, 1st of December at 19h CEST (duration: 2h).

Who is the meet-up for?

This Meetup is designed primarily for those who are planning to join us for the MyRemarkableYear program  but would like to “test the waters”, meet potential co-travellers on this virtual journey, and feel the “vibe” of the group. 

Please join us only if you are seriously considering joining MyRemarkableYear (it is without obligations). 

What will the meetup be about?

The topic of the meet-up is Bucket lists and Mindfulness.

On this Meetup, we will have a fun and motivating brainstorm about about bucket lists for 2022. It will be facilitated, so you will get a useful format for structuring your bucket list, and an abundance of ideas to add to your list.

Then, we will also reconnect the exciting idea of bucket lists with coming back to Mindfulness – we will do an easygoing mindfulness practice together. We will also connect how to remain focus on exciting side of life and bucket list, while at the same time staying mindful, stabile and savouring all those new experiences.

It will also be a chance to meet others who are thinking about joining MyRemarkableYear, as well to ask any questions about the program.

What’s the way to join?

The fee to join the Meetup is 15€ – these 15€ will be deducted from your fee for MyRemarkableYear in case you decide to join. 

If you decide to not join after all – you will still have valuable learning on the Meetup. 

Apply for the Meetup via the contact form latest by Wednesday, 1st of December, evening. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

P.S. If you are seriously thinking of joining us for MyRemarkableYear, but cannot join this specific Meetup, please reach out and we can make an alternative plan on how to see who is there.