Reconnect with your Life Design

Reconnect with your Life Design

Online 2h workshop

Date & time: Tuesday, 11th of January 2022

Time: 19 – 21h CET
Price: 25 EUR

*This workshop is designed for those who attended the Life Design workshop by Happiness Academy.

One of the aims Life Design workshop is to give participants motivation and clarity on how to create a life that they will love. Yet, motivation is something that often needs to be re-kindled, and clarity something that needs to be adapted to constantly-changing life circumstances. 

To successfully overcome these challenges we decided to offer additional online workshop Reconnect with your Life Design  to reconnect, refocus or even re-build your life design plan.

The workshop consists of:

  • the exercises to reconnect with your life design
  • personalized coaching questions
  • group discussions

It will be the opportunity to get inspired by others, find solutions together, motivate each other and give a boost to your project!

There is possibility of opening new dates- feel free to reach out if this date does not work for you. 

P.S. Could someone close to you benefit of Life Design workshop? This workshops is now also available in on-demand pre-recorded format, or available live in September. All details can be found on Life Design online workshop page – please do share it with them if you think it would be valuable. 

P.P.S. Want to give a gift of Life Design? Give this workshop as a gift to someone special for you – feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss this option.

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