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Positive Emotions

An E-mail Course by Happiness Academy

Are you ready to find out what it takes to feel happy? 

Ready to bring more positivity into your life?

Enrich your life with more awe, curiosity, hope, gratitude, joy, pride!

Discover the most effective ways of doing this with the Happiness Academy Positive Emotions E-mail Course!

Sign up now to get  24 lessons in 72 days!

Through the 24 email lessons at the price of 24 euro, you will:

– discover the mechanisms behind your positive emotions
– uncover the ways in which you can create positive emotions
– understand “the magical 10” positive emotions
– boost “the magical 10” and many other positive emotions

Sounds good?

Join now to learn quick, practical, effective ways and tools to boost positive emotions over the course of 3 months.

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Why positive emotions?

Positive emotions are cornerstones of happiness. According to the science, they make us more resilient, creative, healthy, open-minded, content and more connected. 

Did you know that positive emotions hugely impact not only your level of happiness, but also your resilience in challenging times, make us more open to learning and dealing with uncertainty better, and strengthen our connections with others?

Sounds great, right?

The best thing about positive emotions is – it’s not hard to learn how to boost them through easy and enjoyable exercises! 

But like anything in life, this requires some commitment and practice. And this is exactly where Positive emotions email course by Happiness Academy comes in. 

Which topics will we cover? 

We will explore diverse topics related to positive emotions:

  •       what are positive emotions and why are we experiencing them 
  •       how do positive emotions work, what is the link between thoughts and emotions and how to leverage it
  •       what are the foundations needed for life with more positive emotions
  •       how do we create positive emotions, and how can we create more of them
  •       exercises, exercises and more exercises to strengthen and explore many of the specific positive emotions such as awe, gratitude, inspiration, amusement, interest, hope, pride, love, joy, serenity, one at the time
  •       practical methods and techniques to grow and develop any of the positive emotions in your life

While rich in research-based content from positive psychology, this course is not about getting the “right” answers….but about exploring YOUR answers: which of the positive emotions are most important for you, and what is the best way for YOU to build those? 

What will this course give you?

For most of the course we will focus on exploring a broad range of specific positive emotions, trying out many of approaches and reflections, but our main focus will be on looking into practical ways to bring more of each of these emotions into your life.

As with building up anything, consistency is the key – which is another value that this course will give you, by building up content layer by layer, and reminding you to re-focus on positive emotions gently yet consistently over the period of almost 3 months.

You will leave this course with deep understanding of positive emotions and full of ideas how to boost them – but also with knowledge which of the positive emotions are most important for you, as well as what is the optimal way for you to build up more of those in your own life. 

If you want to learn more about how to build a life rich in positive emotions, and how to leverage those emotions for more happiness, this is the course for you!

Who is behind this course? 

The author of this course is Mirna Šmidt, a positive psychology and interpersonal skills trainer, speaker, coach and facilitator and MsC of Applied Positive Psychology. As the founder of Happiness Academy  and Trainers Toolbox, she assists individuals and organisations with fulfilling their potential & creating a positive impact in the world. Read more about Mirna at www.mirnasmidt.com.

How does it work?

Once you signup you will receive the info that enables you to pay the fee. After the fee of 24 eu is paid, you will get an email lesson every 3 days for a period of almost 3 months (24 lessons). Lessons will include theory from the science of positive psychology and a lot of practical exercises which you will have a chance to practice over the 3 days until the next lesson. This pace will give you enough time to get to know a specific topic, incorporate it and practice it in your daily life, as well as to develop your focus on positive emotions into a solid habit.

What others say?

“This course was a real journey and exploration of emotions and their impact on life in general. Full of tools and ideas for action, it is definitely something I want do all over again in the future, a great toolkit I’ll save and use from time to time.

I was looking forward to every new lesson and reflection. Clear and structured guidance, science based information & facts, invitation for active self-exploration & reflection, it gave me everything I was hoping for and more.

All in all, it was fun, resourceful, useful and interesting journey!”

Meri Tukač, Presales Engineer and Trainer, Croatia

“As we all face changes and emotional ups and down with the pandemic, it couldn’t be a more perfect time to sign up for this positive emotions email course by Happiness Academy. In daily emails that I looked forward to receiving, Mirna shares her wealth of knowledge on positive emotions in a very digestible way. What I appreciate the most was that each email contains not only valuable insights and information, but tangible action items too. This makes it easy to take daily actions to improve your relationship with positive emotions and ultimately your overall mental and emotional health. Thanks again Mirna!”

Romy Alexandra Solomon, Experiential Learning Trainer, Romania

Join us for this journey into the world of positive emotions – sign up here!



hope from positive emotions course

Thinking about joining the course, but first want to see more how it looks like?

Explore it: download this free lesson on Hope (Lesson 16 out of 24).

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