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Flow is that feeling of “being in the zone”, being fully immersed in an activity or experience, in the most enjoyable way. It usually happens when we work on a meaningful and worthwhile, but also a challenging goal, and when we do so in a deeply focused way. Flow makes us feel engaged in activities, but also in life in general.

Why we want more of flow?

Experiencing more flow is related to feeling more satisfied with our life, but also with heightened creativity, increased performance, accelerated problem solving and higher motivation. According to research, learning new skills while in flow cuts the path to mastery in half.

Check more about flow topic using this Engagement & Flow Pillar overview. 👉


If you are looking to enhance your own flow, a good way to start is to take Idea for action part of this infographic.
This are simple and easy activities, and with regular practice you will notice more of flow experience.


You can download overview of this Engagement & Flow Pillar here

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