Zagreb events

Happiness Academy delivers workshops in Zagreb couple of times per year.

At the moment we are planning the following workshops – for more info about the workshop, pricing and how to apply, check the links:
Stay tuned for news – next workshops are planned for early June.

Meetup (discussion groups):
Next Meetup is planned for early June. Topic is unknown at the moment – we take proposals and wishes πŸ™‚

Stay tuned with new workshops when we launch them via our monthly newsletter:

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Zagreb events archive

If you are not ready for a workshop, but would like to explore positive psychology and learn and experience more about some of the topics, join us for Positive Psychology Meetup in Zagreb.

Zagreb events archive

24th Jan: Uvod u pozitivnu psihologiju – znanost o sreΔ‡i
29th Jan: Positive emotions – understand, explore, and grow them
31th Jan: Razvoj vlastite karijere
5th Feb: Hacking Flow state – living a more engaging life
7th February: Happiness at work
26th Mar: Intro to positive psychology – the science of happiness
28th Mar: Strengths: discover and develop the best version of you
2nd Apr: Life Design: create a life you love

25th Mar: Positive Psychology Meetup Zagreb: Being own best friend: the art of self-compassion & self-acceptance