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What to do when you are tired from doing too much

Do you have a self-care and wellbeing “to-do list”? 

“Live your life to the fullest” list? 

One that is supposed to be exciting and good for you – but somehow it grew into a list of “obligations” and a feeling that you never have enough time for all of it?

Take a bath. Go for a massage. Make sure to meditate every day. Read self-development books. 

All great stuff, right? 

But the list goes on…

Do sports regularly, eat healthy. 

Make your conversations meaningful – not just smalltalk. 

Be positive!

Find a job that will truly fulfill you and feel purposeful.

Be focused on your relationships and make sure you are mindful when listening. 

Huh, I am tired from just reading this list…

(and my deepest apologies if I ever do this to you too, with tips, tools, and reminders that I am sharing 🙈 )

Do you ever feel like failing to “achieve” your well-being list?

Guilty for not doing enough of “things you should be doing for your wellbeing”?

It makes me wonder, when did wellbeing become a race?

When did we start putting ourselves under pressure of all we have to do for our wellbeing?

And perhaps even more important questions – how can we stop?


Here are 3 quick tips that might help you with this – although, remember, the key is also in accepting that we will never have the time to do it all, and that that’s ok.  

Tip 1: Get better at truly listening to yourself (and your needs)

Listening to yourself will help you recognize which of these “tasks” are really meaningful for you, and what do you need at the moment (is it to go to your regular gym session, or perhaps to take an easy day today?). It will enable you to say no to pressure because you will develop a strong inner compass of what feels right for you. 


To get better at it, start by simply taking a moment (literally, a minute) in the morning to take a nice deep slow breath and ask – What do I actually need right now?

And then keep taking such moment throughout the day – especially in moments when you feel stressed, rushed, overwhelmed. 


One exercise that can be very helpful to practice hearing yourself better is self-check-in (here is 10 min video to guide you through it).


But please, don’t now add the self-check in to your “wellbeing to-do list” :)) – instead, start with that deep breath regularly. And with just listening to yourself. 


For once make it easy for yourself, will you? 

Tip 2: When you feel like you need to hurry up.. slow down.

Become more aware of that “hurry up!” little voice in your head. Or “I must…”


And stop being it’s servant. 


When you hear it, be a rebel – slow down! Say “I don’t have to, but I choose to…”

I know, I know – that might come with panicking that you won’t make it in time… I am not saying you need to stop and do nothing for the whole day.


I am just saying, don’t give into the pressure of that voice, but instead, take over control of your actions. Stop – just for a minute. Take a deep breath. 


Continue deliberately and in a more grounded way.


You can still be quick with your actions, in case you are late for something, or there is an urgency – but you don’t have to feel stressed and rushed in your mind too. 


Let’s all rebel against the pressure of constant urgency.

Tip 3: Make your priorities clear, and keep them in mind.

What is the time when we most commonly get into feeling rushed, pressured, and frustrated? 


Or feeling like we are failing at doing it all?


It is usually when we have too many “priorities” in our mind (and on our list).


The key in these moments is to step back and recognize that we don’t want to do it all.


Yes, you heard me right! This is not about what you can or can’t do – because it is true if you push yourself harder, you might get to do it all!


But at what cost? 


Instead, this is about how you want to live – rushed and under the pressure of chasing to-do lists, or mindful, grounded, and enjoying the few things that you choose to do?


So, get into the habit of asking, what is it that you truly want to do? And, more importantly, how?


Keep your priorities crystal clear. 


Take regular time to reflect on what truly matters to you, who truly matters to you, and how do you want to show up.


It will help you say no to all the bullshit. 

And it will help you say full-hearted yes to things that you choose to leave on your “to-do list”.

If you are unsure about your priorities, struggling to prioritise what truly matters to you or what you want from life – take the leap to happiness and set the foundations for your own well-being.

Check out the details here, or click on a button to apply.

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Now, the question of the day – what will you kick off your to-do list (wellbeing, or the other one :D) this week? 

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