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What kind of goals you set makes all the difference

Here is how to do it.

Goals are one of the big sources of meaning in life, they give us motivation, focus and they help us create and achieve more.

But did you know that there are 3 levels of goals, each of the with a different aim?

Ideally, we want to set:


  • Big picture goals – life vision, life goals, “big goals” such as 10 year goals

  • Midway goals – weekly/monthly goals – goals for anything between 1 week and 1 year 

  • Immediate goals – goals for part of the day or for a specific activity

Each of these types of goals gives us a different advantage:

  • Big picture goals are strongly related to the sense of meaning in life. They give us a “compass” for big life decisions, and they give us inspiration.

  • Midway goals are the most important goals for our motivation. On one side, they give us a bit broader view than daily goals which makes them appealing, and on the other side they are realistic and it is easy for us to imagine achieving them (easier than “big goals”). They give us clarity over our next steps and allow clear focus and an action-oriented attitude. 

  • Immediate goals are the goals most related to flow (state of enjoyable immersion in an activity that we are doing). For us to be able to sustain focus, we need an immediate goal that is clearly related to the activity that we are doing at the moment. To bring us closer to flow, immediate goals should be 

Take a moment to reflect:

  • Which of these are most natural for you to set? 

  • Which of the levels do you usually do (and have clear for yourself right now), and which level is “weaker” for you right now? 

  • How could you strengthen the weaker level? Doing so, you will benefit from more meaning, motivation, or flow & focus.

How to work on each?


Here is how to work to strengthen the ones that are your “weak spot”: 


Big picture goals:

  • If it is big goals that are most vague for you,  start by creating a bit of protected time and space, put yourself in a positive state of mind, and dive into reflection on life and life goals. (or join us for the next Life Design workshop, where we connect big life vision with immediate goals).

  • Setting big picture goals will give you more sense of meaning and will support you in making better decisions.

Midway goals:

  • If it is midway goals, get in a habit of protecting a short chunk of time (usually Sunday evening or Monday morning work best) every week to plan for the week ahead. 

  • Setting midway goals will give you more motivation & focus.

Immediate goals:

  • If it is immediate goals, try to be a bit more intentional throughout the day and ask yourself a bit more often: “What do I wish to achieve with this action? What is my goal for this activity?”

  • Setting immediate goals will give you more flow & focus.

Action time:

This week, focus on setting the level of goals that you are least good at and that you are least in habit of setting. 

Looking for more support in setting those goals?

Join us at Life Design workshop – it is a three-hour workshops where in a light, positive and motivating atmosphere you work out your life vision, and then build a solid plan to move towards that vision. You end up with a clear life plan – as well as new motivation and clarity.

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