WEBINAR application: Positive emotions: How to build more hope, joy & serenity

Application for the Happiness Academy webinar:

Positive emotions: How to build more joy, hope & serenity

This free webinar was held on November 3rd, 2021. If you want to get a recording, please sign up below.

Positive emotions are the spice of life. They give spark to our everyday experiences, boost our relationships and help us build the resources for more wellbeing and resilience.


In this webinar, we will look into practical, research-based tools, tips and approaches to building more positive emotions in our lives. 

We will then go through the illustration of applying those tools on the examples of hope, joy and serenity.


This way, you will leave the webinar equipped with powerful new tools and techniques that you can use to build more of any positive emotions of your choice, as well as full of ideas on how to boost these three emotions specifically.  


You should receive an email with info straight after finishing this signup up – so, if that doesn’t happen, contact us or reach out via our Facebook page.

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