WEBINAR application: How to build a more empowering mindset

Application for the Happiness Academy webinar:

How to build a more empowering mindset

DATE: 20.10.2021.



Mindset and thinking patterns are the most impactful elements of our wellbeing, quality of life and success in life. 

Our thoughts impact our emotions, our actions, and are the main source of motivation and positive habits.

To build a more empowering mindset means to develop more motivation, open our minds to more choices and creativity, develop more willpower and focus. 

It also means to use our mindset for more meaning and enjoyment in life, and for stronger connections and openness with others. 

In this webinar, we will explore practical, research-based tools to train our thinking and mindset into a more empowering one. The focus will be on tools and techniques, while you will also be invited to reflect what aspect of your mindset you would like to strengthen.


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