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23rd May: Becoming your own best friend

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12 steps to happiness course description
detailed outline at “12 steps to happiness course outline
8th Feb, 19h CET: ““Love – exploring love through 4 different lenses” – a free webinar in which we will explore 4 very different theories of love, all coming from impressive psychologists – each of them will give you new insights, ideas, perspectives on what love is and what it could be – as well as practical exercises and ideas on how to explore it within on relationships (being it romantic ones or friendships and other close relationships).

6th Feb, 19h CET: “Mindfulness Made Easy” – a free webinar in which we will be sharing quick, short and practical tips and tools for adding more mindfulness to everyday life.
1st Apr, 19h CET: ““Flow: 6 tools to strengthen flow in your life”– one hour webinar with quick, short and practical tips and tools for adding more flow to everyday life will give you plenty of diverse, engaging and interesting tools to understand your own experiences and tendencies of flow and build more flow in everyday life.
6th of May: Self-compassion – Relating to yourself kindly & lovingly
11th May: Life Design – Create a life you love
12th May: Mindset – master your thoughts for more happiness
15th May: Hacking Flow state: Living a more engaging life
16th May: Strengths – discover and develop the best version of you