Life Design Pillar 11 - Meaning & Purpose Pillar 5 - Creator’s mindset

The key to courageous, meaningful life


Do you have a life vision?


How well is it working for you?


Really. Take a moment to think about it.


Might seem a bit of a silly question… but see, one of the most powerful things to understand about the life vision is:

It’s not about what vision is… it’s about what vision does.

What it does to you. 

For you. 

For your life.

How is it motivating you?

How is it making you more courageous?

How is it giving you more clarity, more integrity, more energy to act on what matters to you?

Powerful life vision is the first step towards life of meaning.


It is a compass towards more fulfilling life, to life rich in flow & feeling alive, to life with no regrets. 


So, if your vision is not doing all of that for you – it might be the time to sit down and rewrite it.




Life is a too short to prioritise mundane over figuring out your life vision!

So, sit down and figure it out.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Remember, it is not what your vision is – it is what your vision DOES to you and your life. 

Not sure how to go about figuring it out? Stuck in overthinking and not reaching conclusions?


Or you have a vision, but it’s not really working the way you would hope?


Or just not in the mood to figure it out on your own?


Join us for Life Design workshop.


You will leave the workshop with full clarity, as well as motivation, both for your life vision and immediate next steps and actions. 

Workshop outcome: life vision, life plan, a ton of clarity and motivation


Duration: 3h


Includes (optional): post-workshop follow up emails with new reflection exercises each 3 months. 


Doesn’t include: getting stuck in confusion or overthinking

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