Pillar 9 - Leveraging own strengths WELLBEING AT WORK

Quickest way to leverage your strengths for more wellbeing

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Did you know that discovering and using your personal strengths has a positive impact on your wellbeing and happiness? It also contributes to a sense of meaning, and to better results. 


Here is the quickest exercise to help you leverage your strengths a bit more:


Step 1: Brainstorm: what are 5 personal strengths or qualities that you have? 5 things you are good at? (if you get stuck at this one, ask people close to you for help – or do VIA strengths survey)


Step 2: Pick one from this list that you would like to use more this week.


Step 3: Set a 7-days challenge for yourself to use this strength in a new way each of these 7 days. 


Remember to not take it as an obligation but to have fun with it – using our strengths is enjoyable and energised us, so let’s do more of it!

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