positive emotions understand them, explore them, grow them

Positive emotions: Understand them, explore them, grow them

2 hours workshop, Zagreb

Trainer: Mirna Smidt

Have you ever wished to have life more rich in positive emotions? How often do you feel awe, amusement, inspiration, serenity or love? Have you ever wondered how come some people always seem happy, smiley and joyful?

Positive emotions hugely impact not only your level of happiness, but also your resilience in challenging times and the quality of your connections with others.

So why do we sometimes miss out to develop, savour and enjoy all the positive emotions that we have capacity for? And how can we build more of that capacity and savouring?

In this 2 h workshop we’ll explore all these topics and look into scientifically proven ways to boost your positive emotions.

Participants will leave with better understanding of what are the sources of their positive emotions and with many practical ideas, tips and tricks on how to infuse a bit more of of them into their everyday life and work.

At this workshop, you will:


  • learn about 10 positive emotions researched within the science of positive psychology
  • develop deeper understanding of role of positive emotions in your life
  • discover how to grow and develop more of positive emotions
  • explore, reflect and discuss how to have more joy, fun and positivity in your life
  • leave equipped with practical methods and techniques for raising own level of positive emotions

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