Pillar 9

Leveraging Own Strengths


Let’s imagine life is a cruise and we are the sailboat. On that sailboat, our weaknesses are like holes in the boat, while the strengths are like the sails. Just focusing on fixing weaknesses will keep you afloat,  but won’t take you far. Using the sails is what really takes us forward in life, where all the fun lies and gives us much more enjoyment than fixing the holes. On the other hand, if holes are too big, the sails won’t really help, so we do want to keep holes under control.
Sails, or our strengths, are what really moves us towards the desired destination, and what makes the journey enjoyable.

While we don’t want to neglect our weaknesses, focusing on the strengths is where true power lies: using strengths makes us feel energized, authentic and it is highly enjoyable. It raises our motivation and improves our results.

What you focus on is what grows.

That is why a strengths-based approach is at the very heart of positive psychology.



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According to positive psychology research, focusing on strengths makes us happier, boosts feelings of independence and confidence, makes us feel more purposeful, and helps us stay resilient in tough situations. 

It also raises our confidence and success – as strengths are something that we are good at, usually we also feel confident when using them and it is also easier for us to achieve good results that way. 

Last, but not least, strengths help us find the right environment and goals – and being in an environment that supports and encourages our strengths helps us flourish and feel authentic and “at home”. In such an environment we have the ability to develop our full potential, both in terms of self-development and the results we are achieving.



So, how can we all leverage our strengths more?
Start by focusing on strengths in yourself – notice them more, find opportunities to use them more, share them with others.
Also, start focusing on strengths in others – notice them more, compliment them on their strengths and discover strengths that they were not even aware that they have.


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