Pillar 7

Conscious Self-development


For the great majority of people, growth and learning are the essences of who we are.

The feeling that we are getting better at something is highly motivating and empowering – and it often gives us a sense of fulfillment and self-worth.

When we were kids, a great part of our learning happened through play, observing and emulating others, and interactions with our environment. Opportunities for learning were everywhere, and we often stumbled into them without searching or even thinking about them. 

But as we grow older, our learning needs to become more intentional and conscious in order to feel motivated and be meaningful.



To keep on growing and learning requires focus and perseverance. It actually requires energy and effort expended in order to learn and grow, and courage to face challenges and step out of one’s comfort zone. At the same time, it requires a spirit of openness to new discoveries and perspectives – which can be difficult in a stage of our life when we are already deeply rooted in our own identity and image of ourselves.



Not only are self-development, learning, and personal growth strongly connected to meaning, but they are also connected to our image of self, self-confidence, resilience, and to positive emotions. This means that investing in self-development will have a ripple effect on many other areas of our lives.

Take a moment to reflect: how is your own self-development currently working out? Where do you wish to take it next?


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P.S. Wish to take the exploration of self-development a step further? Reflect how it relates to Pillar 4 – Being Own Best Friend. How can we keep on self-developing while being high on self-compassion and kind towards ourselves? And how your own self-development relates to Pillar 11 – Meaning & Purpose and how you can perhaps connect it even stronger? 


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