Pillar 6

Achievement & Active Creation


Pillar 6 – Achievement & Active Creation – is all about the feeling that we are moving forward in life: we are successfully achieving things that are important and meaningful to us, we are progressing and advancing towards our goals, we are translating our values into action.

It involves efficiency and effectiveness in actions that we do, but even more so making sure that those actions are meaningful to us, that our goals are aligned with our values and that we prioritize important things in life over urgent ones and over the “noise” and distractions.



While achievements should not take more of our focus than relationships, growth, or little moments of joy, we do need to recognize that accomplishing things is important for us too and that all these life aspects can work together in wonderful harmony.



Perhaps today is the right time to reflect – How is this balance working out for you? Which of these two aspects of life is stronger in your life – big goals or presence at the moment? How could you balance them out a bit more?


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