Pillar 5

Creator’s Mindset


How is it possible that there can be two people in the exact same situation – and one of them thrives and is happy, while the other is struggling? 

How does it happen that in the face of a bad experience one person takes that experience, creates meaning out of it, and uses it as leverage to build an amazing life and flourish, while the other uses the same event as a reason why they will never be happy or flourish? 

It is not because one is smarter or better or luckier. It is simply down to the toolbox that each of them has – a toolbox for better thinking, a toolbox for using our mind. 

Mindset is probably the single most powerful and the single most underestimated aspect of working on one’s own happiness.



Looking to put this into practice? These three steps will help you master or just improve your mindset for more happiness and success:

1. Take ownership: acknowledge that you do have an impact on your thoughts and that you are the only one responsible for building good thinking habits

2. Observe your thoughts and meditate: get to know your thoughts, mental habits, mindset, and thinking patterns

3. Choose new thoughts: intentionally build more positive, powerful, and beneficial thinking patterns, and change the disempowering thoughts that you catch into more empowering ones


Beyond this “big picture” framework, there are many powerful and often simple tools and techniques for working with our mindset and our thoughts – they are practical, easy and each of us can find some that work best for us and our own style of thinking and needs. At Happiness Academy, we teach many of these tools in our workshops and as a part of our “12 steps to happiness” online course

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