Pillar 3

Engagement & Flow


Flow is a unique state which has huge value for our happiness – it is one of the rare states where there is a balance of momentary experience of enjoyment with a bigger picture of a meaningful goal. In other words, it’s all about balancing between happiness in the moment and life satisfaction in the grand scheme of things.



Each of us can build more flow into our life with two different approaches:
1. creating time and space to engage in more activities that might bring us to flow
2. working with activities that we are doing already in order to bring more flow into them

So, go out there, create more space for flow in your life through meaningful goals, deeper presence, and stronger focus, and through reflection on your flow experiences – as well as sharing those reflections with others.



If you are not sure how to build up more flow, then joining our free webinar, meetup or one of the workshops might be a great place to start (details on the Upcoming Events page) – LINK (Upcoming events page – https://happiness-academy.eu/ )


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