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One-minute mindfulness practices when you’re short on time

Wish for more mindfulness but short on time


In our busy modern world full of stimuli and rush, at times it gets so hard to find a moment of silence.

And even when we wish to practice mindfulness and silence, it is so hard to find the time (and sometimes focus and discipline) to get immersed into it and to create space for it.

But the magic of mindfulness truly lies in consistency and in “training the brain” for it. Therefore regularity of the practice is the key – even more so than the duration of the practice.

Even one minute, especially if you do it couple of times per day, can be pretty amazing way of creating a space in your head and in your chest, making your more relaxed, focused, present.

If you like that idea, do explore these one-minute practices in cultivating stillness within:

Take your time: Deliberately slow down for one minute when your impulse is to speed up. If it’s difficult to do that, observe what emotions and impulses rise in you, notice them and let them go.
Rest in beauty: Look up from your screen and place your attention on something beautiful and allow your mind to rest in that.
Wash away: when washing your hands (body, dishes), focus on the feeling of water on your skin and water passing over for one minute to quiet your mind and let go of any stress
Be curious: Pretend you are seeing the world for the first time; put you mind in state of wonder; explore feeling of mystery.
Breathe and connect with the ground: Breathe deeply from your chest down to your belly through the bottom of your feet and into the Earth.
Sit in silence: Sit quietly for just one minute with no plan or task, just noticing your thoughts and letting them go. You can do this standing as well.
Mindful bite: practice mindful eating but just on the first bite of your lunch or breakfast – give your food a big curious look, notice the colors and textures, smells, and take the first bite really slowly, noticing the taste, temperature, flavours and textures.

How about you – do you have some other one-minute practice to share? Which of these do you like best? Have your experiemented with some of these?





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