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Not sure what you want from life? Rocking chair exercise might help

Not sure what you want from life

Not sure what you want from life

Are you a bit indecisive about what you want from life these days?

What do you wish to create, learn, and who with?
And perhaps what are your priorities?

Or perhaps you have a big life decision ahead of you and you are not sure what is the better option for you?

This exercise might help you regain a bit of that long-term perspective on what matters to you most in your life.

Take a pen and paper and 10 minutes of undisturbed time – and dive in!

Rocking chair exercise

Imagine yourself at the age of 90. You are sitting on your rocking chair on a veranda, perhaps with a nice warm blanket and a beautiful view. And you look back at your life. Reflect and write down – what are those things in life you are most proud of? Things you created, learned, and people you were connected with, that at this point on your rocking chair make you most proud, fulfilled, and make you feel you lived a great satisfying life?

If you prefer a guided 7 minutes video, find it here:
How to know what you want from life? – The rocking chair exercise” video by Happiness Academy

How about you?

How did you like the exercise?
Any interesting discoveries? Did it help in figuring out your priorities?

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