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Build Powerful Mindset: Reengineer Your Thinking for More Wellbeing and Success

Online course in 10 research-based modules

A powerful mindset is not necessarily about thinking more positive.


Do you sometimes feel like you got a bit stuck? Kind of lost, stagnating within your life? Everything seems to be working out all right – yet you feel like something is off? 


Too often we think that the solution to that state is to DO something differently. Yet, the first step is actually to START THINKING differently. 


The quality of our thoughts impacts the quality of our life more than ANY other factor. 


Thoughts are at the root of our emotions. They shape our motivation and our actions. They make the difference between feeling lost or stuck, and feeling empowered & in control of your life. 


A powerful mindset is all about feeling in the driver’s seat of our life: 

  • having more choice, 
  • opening to new ideas, 
  • being more motivated into action, and 
  • achieving stronger results. 

All of it while enjoying every moment on that path!


Does that sound like something you wanna build? 


Join us at the Build Powerful Mindset online course and reengineer your thinking towards more wellbeing and success!


The Power of Mindset

Our thoughts shape our experience of reality. 

What you focus on and what meaning you give to things  determine how you feel about life.


Your feelings in turn impact your actions.

You can only grow if your mind sees the possibilities and believes that growth is possible. Your perseverance is a consequence of what your inner talk is whispering.


Your whole life is a consequence of your everyday thoughts! 

Yet, we never got a chance to train our mind. We don’t learn it in school, and our parents almost never talk to us about it.


In this course, we will work on your thinking in a practical, consistent way – a training for your mind, just like gym is training for your body. 

Because a great life is a consequence of a great mind.


The best resource that you have right now for making a contribution to the world is YOU. Investing in our bodies, minds, or spirits, opens the door for leading our best lives. Invest in yourself and your skills!

What will I learn?

By going through this course you will:

The content and tools are  based on positive psychology researches, real-world tested and build on proven methods tested on broad audience, from athletes to business (wo)men and CEOs to students.

If that sounds appealing – do not miss the chance to join us on this course!

What to expect from the course?

A powerful mindset is not necessarily about thinking more positive.

Instead, it is about having more choices in how we decide to act and opening up more possibilities for ourselves. By working on your thoughts you will gain new perspectives. You will be empowered to build more clarity and motivation in your everyday life, and you will feel happier. 

The Power of Mindset course is:

  • based on practical, science-based tools from positive psychology

  • delivered in an interactive and engaging way

  • filled with experiential exercises

  • a lot of group discussion, sharing and reflection

What does the course look like?

  • 10 live virtual calls, each 2h long

  • Handouts and materials to dive deeper into the topic, and recording in case you miss a module

  • Light “homework” between the calls (reading or reflection)

  • Limited to 8 participants

  • Pricing: 680 EUR 

  • Starts September 2024

  • Applications will open in spring 2024, but it’s best to signup up for the waiting list already via contact form

Build Powerful Mindset course outline

The online course goes in 10 modules, exploring the following topics:


Module 1: Intro to mindset

Working with mindset starts with understanding the approaches and possibilities. In this module, you will explore what are the best ways to train the brain and set the foundation for tools and techniques in later modules. 

Module 2: Growth mindset

To be able to grow, one must discover the possibilities and open perspective to what are our options. In this module, you will discover how growth mindset helps us grow, and practice how to put it in practice in your everyday life. 

Minimalism as a tool for more happiness

Module 3: Magic Quarter Second and Mindfulness

To be able to change a though, your must be able to recognize your thoughts and their impact on you. Discovering the place between a stimuli and response, a moment of mindfulness gives you the power to choose a conscious action. 

Module 4: Tools for thinking – enrich your toolbox

In this module you will dive straight into a rich toolbox of powerful tools to work with your thoughts. You will try them out, test them, practice them, reflect about them, and leave empowered to use them in your life. 

Module 5: Thinking traps and how to avoid them

As we progress through the course, you will be discovering more about your thinking patterns and habits. Here you will learn how to discover even more about your own thinking – and how to work with that to develop new, more powerful patterns. 

Module 6: Impact of body on thinking

It is incredible how much our body – with it’s posture, energy, movement and breathing – impact our thinking. This module will be all about body-mind connection – and how to use one to impact and empower the other.  

Module 7:  Acceptance vs. Control and how to strike that subtle balance 

You will learn how to accept and let go of things you struggle to let go. You will learn how to impact more powerfully those things that are within your control. And, most important, you will discover how to choose when to work on strengthening your impact and influence, and when to let go. 

Module 8:  Story of Self

Who you are is shaped by who you think you are. In this module, we will unveil that story – and shift it into a more empowering one.

Module 9: Selftalk and your inner critic

How can you take all that we learned and scale it: creating flow in a group and building environments conducive to flow.

Module 10: Mindset for the future

In our last module, we will look all that we learned in this course. You will re-focus and build your action plan for the main learnings you wish to implement. 

What participants say?

Nina Garić Saganić, Business and Finance Advisor, Croatia

“Mirna’s course gave me insight in tools that helped me reset my mindset and take control over some aspects in my life. In addition, Mirna as lecturer is really motivating you to take out the best for you, individually. It is a great course to recheck yourself, where you are and where you what to be. Life-changing experience.”

Edita Jurak, Assistant Professor at Groningen University, The Netherlands

“This was my third Happiness academy course and also my favourite 😀
Could be that the timing for it was spot-on. Nevertheless, course was super super interesting,
dynamic and fun. Lots of practice and great discussions. I felt energized after each module and
I learned a lot! Both about the mindset in general and my own. Mirna was great! She facilitated the group in a super kind way
yet challenged us out of our comfort zones (bravely! :))
I highly highly recommend the Mindset course.”

Francesco Portoso, Digital Operations Manager at Amazon Digital Music, Luxembourg

“Through 10 highly interactive modules I increased my understanding on why Mindset is a critical piece of our everyday life and how we can influence it. Through a balanced mix of theory, fun exercises and self-reflection moments with other participants, I expanded my awareness about what’s going on in my mind and what I can do to feel more in control and see things from a different, more positive and compassionate, perspective”

Marijana Balabanic, Recruiter at Amazon Devices, Luxembourg

“I found the Mindset course super engaging and inspiring. Through the group and individual exercises, and above all, Mirna’s expert guidance, you start understanding yourself better, become more aware of the power of your mindset and learn simple tools to train your mind. I can only highly recommend this.”

Tamara Kalc Špindler, Managing Director at Kalc Vizija, Slovenia 

“I love learning and reading. And years ago I came across Mirna’s FB profile happiness Academy and started following her interesting and positive posts. After a while I joined few free webinars and finally was convinced that Mirna has the knowledge, experience and positive attitude that suits my way of “learning by doing” lifestyle. I jumped into Resilience online course and continued with the Growth Mindset online course. The best thing that happened to me is that I became a part of a positive, growth oriented and ambitious tribe and met so many new friends that are sharing their lessons learned. In the group I always feel safe, I have enough space for exploration and self reflection. I recommend this course to everyone! This is something I aim to teach myself, my husband and kids and so many strategies, techniques that I share with my circle of friends.”

Irina Hagiu, Job IT Consultant, Bucharest

“I am so grateful for joining your training “Build Powerful Mindset” .

It happened in a period of my life when I was feeling like being inside of a car, but losing the engine key.

During our second meeting – Growth mindset , when we were discussing fixed mindset vs growth mindset, the phrase ” See effort as the path to mastery” stuck to me  – that was my key!

Thank you and I’m looking forward to our next training together!”

Una Barković, International Office Coordinator at ZŠEM University, Croatia

“The mindset and resilience were extremely helpful and useful, especially in corona times :)) I learned many great tools to manage my thoughts and emotions better and improve the quality of my life. The homework exercises help implement the gained knowledge into your daily life. I recommend it to everyone, it will change your perspective!”

Interested, but you have missed the date? Let us know by applying below and we contact you when the new dates open.

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