Journey to Happiness in 12 Steps

retreat by Happiness Academy and Hive Europe

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Journey to Happiness in 12 Steps - Autumn Retreat

Journey to Happiness in 12 Steps Recharge your batteries and refresh your mind while exploring and learning how to find more meaning, joy and satisfaction in everyday life and work at Happiness Academy autumn retreat.

Have you ever wondered about what really makes you happy?
What are some of the scientifically proven ways to impact our level of happiness?
Why do we sometimes miss out on having more engagement, presence and enjoyment in our life and how can we avoid that trap?
How can we, through small and simple changes, build in more happiness and joy into our days?

Would you like to explore that on a relaxed and immersive retreat, in an engaging, interactive and joyful way?

That is exactly what this retreat is for!

At Happiness Academy, we partnered up with Hive Europe to create the “Journey to Happiness in 12 steps” retreat for individuals and families. We will create a beautiful, warm, friendly and relaxed environment, rich in curiosity, learning and personal discoveries about positive psychology and your own happiness.

Journey to Happiness in 12 Steps Autumn RetreatWhen, where and who?

When? 14.-20.10.2019.
Where? Gorgeous venue in Berlin area
Who for? Individuals and families who wish to recharge their batteries and work on quality of their life in a relaxed, engaging and science-based way
(Notice: while educational program is designed for adults, in case you wish to bring your family along, there will be kid-friendly options available)


What will I learn

You will leave this retreat with a better understanding of what are true sources of your happiness and with many practical ideas, tips and tricks on how to infuse a bit more happiness into your everyday life and work – but also refreshed, recharged and feeling great. Life is just too short and too precious not to be happy. Your days are too valuable not to feel that you are thriving and living life to the fullest.

And it’s not just about feeling positive Journey to Happiness in 12 Steps Autumn Retreatand perky or happy – science shows us that being happier leads to success in other areas of life. From career to family, happiness makes individuals more creative, open and provides new perspectives on new opportunities.

Yet happiness is sometimes so complex and elusive… can it really be pursued?

In fact… it can! Science of positive psychology figured out what patterns, habits, ways of thinking and behaviours might be conducive to our happiness. Creating your own happiness remains an individual journey of exploration, creation, learning and building new habits focused on what makes you happy.

This retreat will help you in exactly that – make you happier by mapping out your own journey and taking your exploration a step further. The focus will not only be on understanding the causes of happiness but learning and implementing skills and approaches that promote happiness in your own life, while also exploring them in practice in a relaxed, engaging way.

Journey to Happiness in 12 Steps Autumn RetreatLearning goals for the week

Throughout this week, you will:
• Develop deeper understanding about which elements impact your happiness,
• Learn what are scientifically proven sources of happiness and how to apply them in your own life,
• Learn how to introduce more mindfulness in your life and how it relates to happiness and develop
more capacity for enjoyment and presence through mindfulness and gratitude,
• Explore how to have more flow, engagement and positive emotion in your life,
• Develop stronger resilience to life challenges,
• Advance your relationship with yourself, liking and loving yourself just a little bit more,
• Boost your relationships by making them more intentional, meaningful and joyful,
• Explore what makes your life meaningful and plan how to implement more of that in everyday life,
• Leave equipped with practical methods and techniques for raising own level of happiness,
• Discover new happiness boosters and ideas on how to create happy moments.


How will your days look like?

Goal of Happiness Academy is for you to move forward with your life happier and with habits that foster happiness.

At this retreat, we will do that by combining learning with exciting, joyful and relaxing experiences and great conversations. Sessions will be conducted inside and outside depending on the weather conditions.


There will be two 2 hr learning blocks each day which also leaves a lot of room for relaxation, exploration and conversation.
Journey to Happiness in 12 StepsDay 1 – Monday (arrival day)
Step 1: Exploring happiness – Exploring positive psychology – The science of happiness
– Get to know your Tribe for this week and introduction to 12 pillars of happiness
– Evening: Informal and relaxed get2know during dinner

Day 2 – Tuesday
Step 2: Presence and Mindfulness
– Diving into mindfulness and experimenting with it, being more present and savouring the moment

Step 3: Positive emotions
– Understanding the role and power of positive emotions
– Using habits and your own focus to develop more positive emotions

Day 3 – Wednesday
Step 4: Playfulness and flow
– Exploring the mindset of playfulness
– Understanding flow state and how to hack it, immersing yourself in the enjoyment of flow state

Step 5: Being own best friend
– Exploring the relationship with yourself and making it more kind and loving
– Self-compassion and self-acceptance. Forgiveness for self and others. The power of self-talk and how to make it more positive.

Step 6: Mindset for happiness and mastering your thoughts
– Exploring your own thinking patterns
– Learning new powerful thinking patterns, tools and techniques. Understanding mindsets beneficial for happiness. Strengthening your own growth mindset, optimism, positive thinking, mindfulness, and other mindsets beneficial for happiness.

Journey to Happiness in 12 StepsDay 4 – Thursday
Step 7: The power of gratitude
– Understanding the importance of gratitude, as well as research-based ways to boost it
Notice: this module will be a bit shorter, so we could combine it with 2h alpaca walk

Day 5 – Friday
Step 8: Uncovering your strengths to develop the best version of you
– Importance of focusing on strengths
– Discovering, developing and using your strengths

Step 9: Resilience and thriving at challenging times
– Understanding the foundation of resilience
– Exploring your own style of resilience. Learning how to become more resilient. Tools and techniques for resilience.

Day 6 – Saturday
Step 10: Living a (more) meaningful life
– Meaningful goals and contribution
– Dreaming big. Life vision. Your Best Self. Connecting meaning with own strengths and values.

Step 11: Positive relationships
– Meaningfully connecting with others
– Understanding the importance and impact of relationships to our life. Making our relationships – romantic, friendships and all others – more intentional and meaningful. Learning small impactful tools for strengthening your own connections.

Day 7 – Sunday (departure day)Journey to Happiness in 12 Steps
Step 12: Bringing all 12 steps together
– Making sense of the whole journey and understanding which steps are the most relevant to you.
– Designing next steps & creating plans to take away.

*Optional stay for one more night (until Monday) is included, but the program will officially end on Sunday lunchtime.

The retreat will offer you a framework for exploration of your own happiness – a well developed structure through which you will explore all different areas of happiness with a guidance of Mirna Smidt, founder and lead facilitator of the Happiness Academy, and through exchanges and a support of a wonderful small group.

Journey in 12 Steps to Happiness course by Happiness Academy is:
• Based on the science of positive psychology
• Focused on building habits, reflection on personal causes of our happiness and new ideas/insights
• Using methods that we have successfully tested in our own lives, as well as with hundreds of participants
• Dealing with physical, mental, emotional and social aspects that impact our happiness
• Built on experiential exercises and immersive experiences, followed up by own reflection and engaging conversations, discussions and sharing

Can we bring children?
Yes, children are welcome to join the retreat, but they will not participate in the learning blocks (two 2 hr sessions per day) for adults.

For children aged 3 – 16 we will provide a program during the two daily 2-hour learning blocks including art lessons at a local gallery, visiting farms, games, and exercises focusing on increasing their own joy and happiness coupled with growth mindset approach. Do note children must be potty trained to participate.
Participants age 16 and up can participate in the regular adult program.

What does the program include?
• Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner during the program
• Lodging for 7 nights
• Transportation to and from the train station (Bahnhof Langhagen) or (Bahnhof Teterow) to the retreat location (trains from Berlin or Hamburg)
• All Happiness Academy programming, activities and materials during the program
• FREE supervised children’s program for children 3-16 during regular learning blocks

How much does the program cost?
We’ve curated this experience to be as affordable as possible. In order to encourage participants to sign up as early as possible to help us plan the event, we provide early bird tickets at significantly reduced price and limit them in number.

Early Bird (limit 5): 890 EUR per participant
Regular (limit 10): 990 EUR per participant
Last Chance (limit 5): 1090 EUR per participant
Children (age 3-16): 300 EUR per child


Your Trainer

Mirna Smidt photo

Mirna Smidt is an interpersonal skills trainer and coach, full of positive energy and in love with development of skills, new experiences and travel.

In parallel with a successful corporate career in an advanced technologies field, she acquired over 10 years of experience in training during which she has collaborated on numerous international learning projects and with many companies and startups in diverse industries.

Mirna is one of the first people in Europe to complete a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology at Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge. Mirna is a certified trainer since 2008, an NLP Master practitioner and holds a range of coaching and training related certifications.

She is the founder of Happiness Academy, an initiative through which she is designing and delivering a broad range of positive psychology educational events and materials. Mirna also started Trainer’s Toolbox, a project through which she is developing creative tools for trainers and coaches.

Join us for this journey!
Happiness is a journey on which all of us humans have similar needs, tendencies and desires – yet it is also a highly individual journey.
This retreat will offer you an opportunity to lean on a strong, engaging and enjoyable science-based framework that will act as a support for your unique and authentic journey.

If you wish to further your own journey – do not miss the chance to join us for this retreat!

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