International week of happiness at work

International Week of Happiness At Work 20 – 24 September 2021, Online event Throughout the International Week of Happiness at Work 2021, at Happiness Academy we are planning a series of (free) workshops, webinars and conversations about wellbeing at work.  Our intention for this week is to (re)connect team leaders, managers, HR experts and anyone actively working on wellbeing of their team in meaningful conversations, offer them tools and findings from the science of positive psychology, and create space to reflect and plan initiatives (small or big) related to wellbeing at work. All webinars are free – but signup is mandatory (unless you are on Happiness Academy newsletter, in which case you will get all the info there)! If you wish to join us just for the events/webinars from International Week of Happiness at Work, SIGN UP here.  If you are also interested in other Happiness Academy events, join us on monthly newsletter to hear about future plans.  Sign up to attend! The schedule of workshops and webinars 2021 List of webinars and schedule is coming soon – please vote for your preferences by 1st of June! Vote for your preferences here – and make sure to signup for the event or Happiness … Continue reading International week of happiness at work