"Enjoy Life Fully" Learning Getaway

Join us (28.9.-5.10.2024.) for 8 days of learning about mindfulness, while savouring good moments in the heart of Istria

If you would like to:


  • let go of stress and overwhelm,

  • take an intentional moment to reflect on how do you truly want to live,

  • start building a life with more mindfulness and enjoyment,

  • recharge and refresh your energy in a great company,

  • bring back the calm and intentionality to your everyday life


…don’t miss the chance to join us for this recharging an inspiring event!


Immerse yourself in a rich and insightful learning experience while enjoying Istria – the Croatian Tuscany, famous for breathtaking landscapes, wine, olive oil, adorable hilltop villages, truffles and the sea.  

Happiness Academy autumn learning getaway is a week of exploring topics of mindfulness and savouring, immersed in a stunning nature, in a company of 11 amazing co-explorers. 

Dive into a rich & insightful learning program to explore how to live a more mindful life and take the time to recharge your batteries & revive your mind – all the while enjoying the wholesome, balanced days in a marvellous environment. 

“Enjoy Life Fully” getaway is designed for you to discover many valuable, practical, science-based tools in an immersive, engaging way – with the main focus of applying those tools to living (even) more enjoyable and fulfilled life. 

 is a custom-tailored experience, highly individualised for those who join.

Mindfulness - the key to a life of wellbeing & enjoyment

Presence and mindfulness are the foundations for all other aspects of wellbeing – foundations of happiness, enjoyment, positive emotions, resilience, flow and even sense of meaning in life!

You are mindful when you are fully present in the moment – in the here and now – enjoying every moment for its own sake, without judging it as good or bad.

When you are mindful, you are in a perceptive state – perceiving attentively what is going on inside of you and in your environment.


Yet mindfulness is much more than being present in the moment – it is the key skill for life of wellbeing, meaning and enjoyment.

Benefits of mindfulness for our life and wellbeing: 

  • enables us to fully savour experiences in the moment in which they are happening, which helps us to enjoy them more and leads to more joy & more positive emotions

  • empowers us to take a more objective perspective over the situation and not get lost in the emotions – it gives us so called “balanced mind” 

  • makes us more resilient towards negative emotions and experiences

  • it is directly related to sense of meaning in life 

  • when mindful, we approach life approach life with less need for control, less perfectionism, and we feel lighter

  • we have more awareness of ourselves, our thoughts, emotions and needs, as well as our environment, which makes us more perceptive and better at making decisions

However, it takes learning and practice to develop the skill of mindfulness, right? 

It is not an easy skill to develop, is it?

Learning and practice is exactly what we will be doing on “Enjoy Life Fully” Getaway – strengthening the ability to be mindful one day at a time, and learning powerful tools to help us on that journey.

Join for this unique experience, rich in exploration, learning, and personal discoveries about mindfulness and savouring – and enjoy this beautiful, friendly, and relaxed environment with an inspiring group of people. 

What will the week look like?

Our goal at the event is to build a strong foundation for a more mindful life – which also means more focused, enjoyable and meaningful life. 

Through daily programs and activities, we will explore mindfulness from many perspectives – from mindful eating & body awareness, feeling connected to your environment and nature, mindfulness in different life aspects, in connections to others, and to yourself.

When, where and who?

When? 28th of September – 5th of October 2024. 

Where? A beautiful villa located in the little village Tinjan in the heart of Istria, Croatia 

Who? 12 curious individuals who wish to strengthen mindfulness and enjoyment and work on the quality of their life in a relaxed and engaging way, in a gorgeous environment.

What will you learn? The three pillars of the Learning Getaway

You will leave this learning getaway with a better understanding of what are the sources of mindfulness for you – as well as refreshed, recharged and feeling inspired.

You will gain many practical ideas, tips, and tricks on how to infuse a bit more happiness, meaning, enjoyment, and presence into your everyday life and work 

Experience mindfulness and savouring

The deepest clarity, motivation and learning comes from experience – that is why on this learning getaway, we will look to build diverse experiences of how mindful days and mindful life might look like for you.


Gain clarity on how mindfulness fits into your life

Mindfulness is an incredibly important foundation for a fulfilled life.
Yet, it is not “one size fits all”.
Aligning your journey with your personality, lifestyle, preferences and priorities in life is the key to make the new habits sustainable and impactful.

Recharge and renew your energy

Our physical, mental and emotional energy is a crucial part of our wellbeing and a fulfilled life.
Through mindful experiences and light, engaging activities, you will get the chance to recharge your batteries, sharpen your thinking and spark your creativity.

Learning goals for the week

This course will give you a broad range of new ideas about strengthening and developing your own mindfulness.

You will get the tools to apply it in your everyday life, practice some of the tools to transform them into habits, explore and see what works best for your unique style, and get plenty of encouragement to adapt mindfulness and savouring to your own preferences.

All while having a relaxing and fun week, meeting new people and learning something new, along with them, every day.

Six themes of the getaway

In addition to the arrival and departure day, we will explore 6 topics in the 6 days of learning program:

Day 2: Mindful food & savouring

Day 3: Mindful body and senses

Day 4: Mindful breath

Day 5: Mindful of environment & beauty

Day 6: Mindful connections & conversations

Day 7: Mindful life – life of excitement and enjoyment

Throughout this week, you’ll learn how to:

  • understand what helps you being more mindful, how mindfulness impacts your wellbeing and life

  • gain ideas how can you create more of mindfulness in your life

  • discover science-based tools and techniques for mindfulness 

  • develop a clear understanding of what pre-conditions and triggers lead to mindfulness and presence – what supports you and what sabotages you in living mindfully 

  • discover many diverse, short, practical research-based tools for mindfulness 

  • explore aspects of mindfulness in practice and learn how to protect them in your everyday life

  • recognize traps that sabotage you and learn how to avoid them

  • identify your personal style – what type of mindfulness is most valuable for you? 

  • learn what shifts you can make to start experiencing higher levels of presence and enjoyment and how to apply mindfulness hacks

  • plan how to fit mindfulness in the broader picture of your life,  in order to build more enjoyable and joyful life

What are your days going to look like?

Find the more detailed outline of how the days will look like below.

However, as this is custom-tailored experience, the final design of the program will be adjusted to the needs and preferences of the attendees.

After arrival, you’ll have plenty of time to settle down and explore the environment. 

We will have a relaxing evening after your journey, sharing the first delicious dinner together.

You will have time to get to know the other lovely people or chill by the pool in the beautiful villa. 

This day will be very light in terms of activities – we will explore a couple of easygoing mindful activities and take time to get to know the group.

Exploring Mindfulness through workshops and experiences

After waking up in this gorgeous location, the day will start with a “mindful moment” – a short, practical, enjoyable exercise, through which you will learn a new tool, and get ready to fully experience the day.

You will venture out to find a nourishing and yummy breakfast. 

If it will be a sunny day, we might have breakfast outside.

If you will feel like socializing, there will be 11 other amazing people there to share this awesome moment – but if you prefer to have a bit of silence, you will be able to find a quiet cozy corner in the spacious villa.   


For the next 2 – 3h, we will dive into the workshop of the day. Workshops will be conducted inside and outside depending on the weather conditions.

You will learn insightful and interesting tools that help you build more mindfulness, discuss ideas and perspectives about experiencing mindfulness with others, and engage in a bit of reflection on how could you apply these tools already today – and especially in your life after this getaway.


After the workshop, we will enjoy lunch together on the terrace of the villa. 


Your zen time will start – you might choose to go for a walk, a swim in the pool, grab a book, or have an interesting conversation. 

If your introvert is afraid of getting stuck in too many conversations, don’t worry – we will also build a bit of respectfully protected space for solitude and reflection. At the same time, it might be challenging to resist all the interesting exchanges!


In the late afternoon, activities will be very diverse – sometimes we will engage in a more active way (be it sporty or brainy activity) and then discuss those activities a bit and explore how they worked for us in terms of mindfulness. 

Often we will venture out to discover a new beautiful village in magnificent Istria, or to do wine and olive oil tasting, or a truffle chase. 

On other days, we will be in more of a workshop or discussion-based mode, sharing insights, and tools, discussing good books, or taking a moment to reflect. 

Or you might catch up with your “reflection buddy” and think about your learnings from this insightful and active day.


On one of the days we will do a seaside trip, so you would also have a chance to unwind and enjoy this beautiful environment.


Dinner time! Join us for local and nourishing food, in a group setting. 

Evenings will be fairly quiet to give you some time to reflect on the eventful day and come to rest. 

You will be able to enjoy an incredibly starry night, have a light walk, jump onto a board game, have an interesting conversation – or propose an activity that you would like us to explore together. 


Each day will have an theme – such as mindful body, mindful eating, mindful conversations, or enjoying life more – which the workshop, activities, and exact schedule will be follow.


The plan plan for the week will be highly customized according to your needs and preferences – so you are also invited to co-create and shape this experience with your ideas, feedback, insights, and proposals.

In the morning, after breakfast (or whenever you choose) you will leave the villa (we will take you to the airport or bus station, depending on where you are going next) and say goodbye to the magnificent villa, beautiful group of new friends, and this memorable experience. 

Yet, the insights into mindfulness and living a more enjoyable life will remain with you, for you to bring them into all other aspects of your life. 

What's included in the program?

  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the program, designed according to your preferences and with focus on great food experiences (alcohol excluded) – find details under “Food” section

  • Lodging for 7 nights in a beautiful villa, in double rooms (notice: double beds only!) 

  • Transportation to the getaway location from the nearby bus station or airport (please get in touch to check about this, as it will depend on your point of arrival)

  • The Happiness Academy program and all activities, including wine tasting and couple of other similar savouring adventures, and 3 trips (one full day, other shorter) to other villages and the seaside – find the details below 

  • All materials during the program


Your trainer - Mirna Smidt

Mirna Smidt is an interpersonal skills trainer and coach, full of positive energy and passionate about creating impactful learning experiences.

She discovered the concept of flow through Csikszentmihaly’s amazing book while sailing on Whitsundays in Australia in 2009 – and spent two days with a nose in the book. When she got back to the real world – the enchanting world of snorkeling and sailing Whitsundays – it was to start exploring flow in practice, in real life.

Being a trainer already (Mirna has been a certified trainer since 2008, an NLP Master Practitioner, and holds a range of coaching and training-related certifications), she chose to shift her focus (and her whole career) towards the training in positive psychology. 

It also led her to become one of the first people in Europe to complete a Master of Applied Positive Psychology at Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge (graduating on the topic of training of flow).

She is the founder of Happiness Academy, an initiative through which she is designing and delivering a broad range of positive psychology educational events and materials. Mirna also started Trainer’s Toolbox, a project through which she develops creative tools for trainers and coaches.

Apart from training, Mirna is in love rich in experiences and adventures – she is an avid traveler, a bookworm, and in love with the sea (sailing, diving, kayaking), nature, horses, and outdoor sports.  

What is the price of this learning getaway?

Getaway fee: comming soon (waiting list is open)

Signups close on 1st of September, or when all spots are booked. 

Fee includes: 

– accommodation for 7 nights in a beautiful villa (one person in a double room – possibility to pay extra supplement for single use)
– delicious food – all breakfasts, lunches and dinners (no alcohol included)

– half a day trips and experiences such as truffle hunting, hiking, visit to hilltop cities and seaside towns, – (the exact experiences will depend on the preferences of participants  – feel free to get in touch to ask what seem to be the current preferences of the group that signed up so far)

– transport from Pazin or another nearest points of arrival (please discuss your arrival on individual bases) 


Notice: The prices are per person for a shared double room. There is only 1 shared room with twin beds (open to single attendants who signup first), and for two double rooms it is possible to have single occupancy, with an extra fee supplement of 320 eu. 
The best way to discuss options is to get in touch via contact form or application form, and share your questions and preferences. 


What do the participants on our previous getaway say?

Here are a couple of words from our previous participants on Enjoy Life Fully Istria Getaway. 

I’m truly happy to have joined this 2nd Getaway.
In last year’s event, I explored the concept of flow, and I noticed how, giving enough time and space for a whole week, it could truly help me make it a part of my life in the following months. 
I couldn’t therefore avoid joining the 2nd one about mindfulness, which is one of the aspects that I believe can bring the most improvements in my life. 
While this was a topic I have been familiar with, as I have been practicing related meditations in past years, during the event, I had a chance to reflect and gain interesting insights, and I started to develop certain habits that I plan to bring into my daily life, like mindful eating. 
Besides the learning part, all the side activities like hiking and kayaking in a beautiful and relaxing location made this the perfect mix I was looking for. Thanks Mirna for your hard work which has a meaningful impact in all of us!
Francesco Portoso, Italy/Luxembourg
It has been the perfect occasion to slow down, notice and savor the beauty that comes my way every day, but also to focus on myself, my needs, to learn, and grow.
The beautiful villa in the heart of Istria, the surrounding nature, the delicious food were the ideal setting, in big harmony with the main learning topic, mindfulness.
The strong points I would recommend this getaway for: good workshop-free time, learning – relaxing balance, very well structured, gradually built up learning process, practical tools to build in mindfulness in my everyday life on personal level and at the workplace, small group, new connections, new perspectives on the topic.
Mirna has a lot of experience as trainer, masters her field on a high level, and has a special talent to melt the learning, relaxing, logistics and having fun in a smooth flow, so that everyone gets the most out of the experience.
Réka Puskás, Romania
I highly recommend the week-long mindfulness course. The program offers a perfect blend of learning and self-discovery in a relaxed setting. Participants can expect to deepen their mindfulness practice, learn how to introduce mindfulness in our busy lives and have fun while exploring the stunning landscapes of Croatia. It’s a  wonderful escape for self-discovery and self-care
Marijana Balabanic, Croatia/Luxembourg
The 8-day mindfulness retreat was just what I needed. I came back refreshed mentally, emotionally, and physically.
Rose Hook, english teacher & teaching company founder, Netherlands/USA

Here are a couple of words from our previous participants on Lastovo lighthouse getaway Build a Life of Flow. 

“The Flow gateway for a fantastic experience that I would recommend to everyone! It did revolve around the topic of flow but it did touch on super important life tools like energy management, focus and challenges!

Mirna is an awesome trainer and having engaging discussions with like-minded people was truly a stimulating and eye-opening experience! Location was unparalleled and gorgeous and it really added to the topic!”

Edita Jurak, Biotechnology Assistant Professor, Croatia/Netherlands

Perfect mix between new knowledge & forward-looking practice , self-reflection, awe-inspiring landscapes, supporting trainer & participants and flow-inducing activities, highly recommended!

Francesco Portoso, Digital Operations Manager at Amazon Digital Music, Italy/Luxembourg

I am so happy that I said yes to this adventure! I left with a concrete plan to put in action for bringing more flow in the areas of interest in my life. I got more awareness of flow and its stages practically through all the activities we had there; I still have my insights close to me weeks after the getaway.
Overall I enjoyed the lighthouse and the landscape, I loved being surrounded by people with diverse backgrounds, having meaningful discussions, and having a lot of fun through various activities. It was the right balance between learning and fun. 
Looking back I can say it was really a floooowy week! 😍

Ana-Maria Radu, Learning & People Development at Unicredit, Romania

What is the first step?

Click on the button below and let me know that you are interested in joining!

*After you sign up, you will be invited for a personal interview, as we want to make sure all participants resonate with the values and approach of Happiness Academy and fit with the rest of the group.

Once the group is defined, you will also receive a detailed questionnaire about your preferences for activities, food, and program details, as the program will be tailored to your needs and preferences. 

Frequently asked questions

Food – what to expect?

On the event, all the food will be included (and delicious), based on food preferences of the applicants. 

It will include: 

  • welcome dinner on arrival
  • rich breakfast for 7 days
  • one big meal a day for the 6 main days of the program (a couple of meals out and further special foodie experiences) 
  • one simpler meal for the 6 main days
  • snacks (fruit, nuts, energy bars)

Accommodation – what to expect?

Our venue is a magnificent villa, beautifully designed, surrounded by untouched nature and with it’s own swimming pool. It is a beautiful, spacious protected oasis perfect for full immersion into the experience. 

A combination of modern industrial style and rustic elements creates a unique atmosphere. 

Four modern, spacious bedrooms can accommodate up to 8 people, each with its own charm and an attached bathroom. Most of the rooms are shared rooms, with double beds. 

While we will all work in the big villa, part of the group (4 participants) will be accommodated in neighbouring villa with 2 double rooms – only a short walk away, quieter, and equally beautiful. 



*Due to the setting of double beds, the emphasis will be on people joining together with a close friend or a partner 

It might be possible to book a double room for just 1 person, but this would impact both the price significantly, and the total number of participants that will be able to join.

About the location - Istrian peninsula and villa which will be the home of this Getaway


Istria is the largest peninsula of the Adriatic Sea and is shared by three countries: Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy. 

Istria is incredibly diverse. It offers the picturesque coastline as well as the natural beauties of the green inland. At this magical place you will find white-topped mountains, vineyards and olive groves on hillsides, plateaux, valleys, and naturally the sea.

The rich culture, a delicious high-quality cuisine and the variety of potential activities make Istria exceptional. 


The village in which our villa is located is simply a super small village with pretty much nothing going on. Really.

While we will have a wonderful, quiet and spacious oasis of the villa to savour and enjoy, that means that out of educational program, meaningful conversations, foodie moments at the villa, pool time and enjoying beautiful setting, we will also be doing quite some short trips to enjoy diverse experiences and explore Istria. 

Trips and experiences included 

While the week will be packed with many surprises and unique experiences – and we do not want to give too many spoilers ahead of time – here are some of the main trips and experiences planned: 

– Visit to Groznjan, Motovun and Hum – three of the prettiest Istrian villages that will steal your heart with their adorable small stone streets and gorgeous views 

– Spending the “leisure day” in Rovinj, a beautiful seaside city (including beach time) 

– Visiting one of the best wineries in the area for wine tasting 

– Visiting olive oil groves, both for tastings and incredible nature that they offer

– tasting truffles that the area is famous for 

– doing a cycling trip on a scenic route that connects several adorable villages 

– …and much more 

How was our last year Getaway?

Join us for this journey!

“Enjoy life fully” learning getaway is an opportunity to learn in a deep, engaging, enjoyable and practical way and develop skills that are truly life-changing. 

Allow the Getaway to become a foundation for your unique and authentic journey of exploring and building life rich in mindfulness, meaning and joy.

Do not miss the chance to join us for this inspiring learning getaway – click to join: