Developing own career

develop own carrer

You’ve been a part of the business world for some time now, but you are not sure where all of this is leading to?

You are dreaming about a career that makes you happy, supports the things that you find important, upholds your values and lifestyle and gives you the feeling that your potential is fulfilled? If you are ready to take the necessary steps towards such a career, this workshop is just the right place!

Date and time:
Where: Impact Hub Zagreb, Vlaska ulica 70E, Zagreb
Trainer: Mirna Smidt

yes, i wanna join the workshop

We will start by developing guidelines for the future and identifying your needs and details that are relevant for you while finding a career.
After that, we will develop a unique plan for professional development and goal formation.
The workshop will deal with the following topics:

*Who am I and what I want to do with my life– exploring what you find relevant and what are the virtues, talents and desires important for your career
* Where to from here– how to use your virtues as a compass in the business world and in creating a career that will be satisfying and fulfilling
* A plan on achieving it– developing a strategy and planning your next steps and activities
* Realizing the plan- how to turn this theoretical discussion into a real influence on your life

The focus of the workshop will be on each individual and how to form their own experiences and career plans. We will also explore each individual’s preferences, desires, strengths, motivation, where you want to go and what you want to achieve and developing a plan of reaching this goal.

As a result of the workshop, you will have:
* a better insight into your strong sides
* better understanding of your inner motivation
* a clearer idea of where you want to steer your future
* a plan on fulfilling your business goals

The workshop will be interactive and informal with an atmosphere with a structured reflection and discussion and sharing of ideas.

I am in!

P.S. Happiness is infectious, so bring your friends and colleagues along – we have a special offer for 2 people coming together 🙂