Pillar 1 - Presence & Mindfulness

Boost your mindfulness with ideas from these quotes

Would your mindfulness benefit

Would your mindfulness benefit

1 – to remind you all aspects of life are beautiful… but none is as precious as present!

1 - love the past, live in the present

2 – to remind you that happiness is sometimes exactly there, in this very moment, we just need to take a moment to notice it

2 - plenty of people miss the happiness because they didnt stop and enjoy it

3 – to remind you not to overthink any of it – not happiness, and not even mindfulness 🙂

3 - pause and just be happy

4 – to remember the power of intention

4 - mindfulness not to have an accidental life

5 – and to, whenever we feel in any way disconnected or less present, simply come back to the breath

5 - enjoying the moment

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How about you?

What is your favourite quite on mindfulness, one that always reminds you to be present and enjoy the moment?

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