Pillar 0 - Positive Psychology

Back to Basics: Strengthening the 12 Pillars of Happiness

What a perfect day to take a moment and strengthen the foundations of what makes you happy!

Simply take 10 or 15 minutes, grab the list of 12 pillars, and ask yourself how are you doing on each of these.

Make it easy, light, and playful.


Ask, which one of the 12 pillars deserves more of your attention – and which one is currently working great for you?

Remember, when reflecting on your happiness, this is crucial:

Take it as a gentle exploration with curiosity and an open mind – not with a rigid, achievement-oriented attitude.


Happiness is something to befriend - not something to conquer ⛰️.

Chasing happiness is as silly as chasing sleep – if you chase it too hard, it’s the most certain way to chase it away.


But if you build the right prerequisites, it will glide into your life softly and easily. 


12 Pillars of Happiness: Your Framework for Exploration

Exploring the 12 pillars is all about building the right prerequisites:

looking into the list of these 12 important foundations of your happiness, and gently reflecting on each of them.


Discovering what needs to be appreciated, and what needs to be improved

Here are some of the questions that you can explore for each of the pillars:

This short reflection is a great exercise to do every couple of months, always picking a different pillar to focus on and explore in the upcoming month.



☑️ How am I doing with this pillar?


☑️ How satisfied am I with this pillar in my life? How would I score that satisfaction on a scale from 1-10? 



☑️ Which of the pillars stand out for me as the strong ones? How can I appreciate that (even more)? 


☑️ Which of the pillars scored low? How can I nourish and strengthen that one? (Gently, not in a control-freak way :)) 


☑️ Which of the pillars, when I would give it more space and attention and strengthen it, would have the biggest impact on my overall happiness?

👉 Prefer scribbling on a paper? Grab the PDF version of 12 pillars.

Enjoy the exploration – seek to savor this time as an enjoyable moment to keep improving your own life and wellbeing, and not just another task on your list. 


Looking to explore your 12 pillars a little bit deeper?

Do you feel you could use a bit of guidance with exploring your 12 Pillars of Happiness? Our 2h on-demand workshop Take a Leap to Happiness workshop is available for you whenever you need it, with a set of prerecorded videos that will guide you through this reflection.

It includes light content about 12 pillars, reflective questions and short and easy tools to work on each of the pillars.
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